Leave it to Washington DC to lend itself as the perfect wedding dessert inspiration! I know when you think “Washington, DC” you think “cherry blossom,” of course! But, for the next installment of our DIY wedding dessert series, we were inspired by the official blooms of Washington DC, the American beauty rose. For our next treat tutorial, we couldn’t get enough of these beautiful roses! (Be sure to check out these Virginia-inspired gumpaste dogwood cupcake toppers!) Hannah Colclazier Photography was on hand to capture these pretty petals. Get your sweet tooth ready!

Washington DC Wedding Rose Cupcakes


Wilton Ready-to-Use Fondant
Powdered sugar
Small bowl of water


Small round cookie cutter (I used one from this Ateco round cutter set)
Fondant Roller

To Make:

Sprinkler a small amount of powdered sugar on to your surface. Roll out fondant to ¼ inch thickness. Cut out five circles and remove excess fondant. Take the first circle and lay flat onto surface. Dab your finger in some plain water and moisten the edge of the circle so the next circle can adhere to it. Continue to layer the next four circles. Once that step is complete, gently push each one to make sure they are secure.

Next is where this straight layer of circles begins to look like a rose. With the very outer edge of the first circle, gently and tightly roll it toward you. This first circle will be the center of the bud. After that, you can be a little loose with the rolling so that the bloom appears more full. After you’ve rolled each layer, use your thumb to gently roll down and pull the tops of the layer to give it a more natural appearance. Pinch the bottom of the rose and cut off any excess – easy as that!

DIY Gumpaste Roses DIY Gumpaste Roses Tutorial


A big, big thank you to Hannah Colclazier Photography for taking such pretty pictures! Where will you be using your fondant roses? Don’t forget to check out all of our other wedding DIY desserts! Can you tell we have a sweet tooth!?

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Photo Credits: Hannah Colclazier Photography

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