Did I scare you enough this morning with my list of things that you should not do the week before your wedding?? I’m back with some advice on a more positive note! Weddings in the Washington, DC are amazing and wonderful, but they definitely come with a lot of work! So, here is my list of five things that you should be doing the week before your wedding. We all know that there are plenty of things to get done in advance of your wedding day, but there are just some things that will have to wait until the last minute. Here is a list of things (in no particular order) that you can and should be doing the week before your wedding…


Photo Credit: Brian Tropiano Photography from Patty and Josh’s wedding in DC 

Music List
If you haven’t done it already, you will want to finalize your list of songs that you want played at your wedding and the songs that you do not want played at your wedding. Most wedding vendors, like bands and DJs work week-to-week, so chances are good that a month before your wedding, they are focusing on someone else’s big day. Generally, the week before your wedding is the time that they will be focusing on you. A week before your wedding, you will want to make sure that you have your list of “to play” and “not to play” ready and delivered to your band or DJ.

Seating Chart
Right up until your wedding, you will have guests calling and sending those RSVP cards in (even though you set the response time a few weeks ago)! Late and last minute RSVPs are an unavoidable fact of any wedding. You can wait until the week before your wedding to finalize your seating chart. You should definitely start in advance and be thinking about who you want to sit where, but you won’t be able to go “final” on your chart until you have heard from everyone.

Photography Shot List
Your photographer isn’t a mind reader and they probably don’t know your whole extended family. If there are photographs that you know you want for your wedding, write it down. Your photographer will probably want some type of list, usually called a “shot list,” from you of the photographs that you must have on your wedding day. If there are certain photos or groups of people that are important to you, write it down and give it to your photographer. If your photographer has a list in advance, then they can work throughout your wedding day to get the photos that you want.

Confirm Flowers
As your guest count changes the week before your wedding, so does your flower needs. The week before your wedding, you should be confirming with all of your wedding vendors. You should check in with your florist to make sure that they have the right amount of flowers as your guest list goes up or down. This includes the proper amount of centerpieces and personal florals, such as family corsages and bridal party bouquets.

You might want to tip or give some sort of gratuity for your wedding vendors. The week before your wedding is the time that you should be thinking about how much you want to give and to which vendors you want to give it to. (For help in this department, don’t miss our post about wedding tipping in the Washington DC area.) You can start to get cash and put it in different envelops the week before your wedding. You definitely don’t want to be running out the day of your wedding to get cash!

I know I said five things, but here is a bonus!

Thank You Notes
The week before your wedding is a great time to start on any thank you notes that you may need or want to write. You might want to write a thank you note to give to your parents or your bridal party members on your wedding day, so get started on these the week before your wedding. You can also write thank you notes to any vendors, or even start to send thank you notes to any guests that sent a present in advance of your wedding. 


So, what did I miss?? What are some things that you are saving until the week before your wedding? While you are at it, be sure to check out my post from this morning on five things to not do the week before your wedding.

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