This week we’re talking about a special group of wedding guests — the little ones! And, what better way to kick things off than with a free printable!? If you thought the idea of keeping children entertained may be a daunting task — think again. Michelle at City Bee Design created for us a free printable kids activity book and matching wedding crayon box cover to keep kids (and their parents!) happy and busy during your wedding reception. What makes this printable special for Washington DC area weddings is that it is full of local activities and coloring projects, making it perfect for any kid friendly wedding in the DMV!

Washington DC Wedding Printable Activity Book (2)

This wedding DIY project couldn’t be easier too – just print and cut. The kids do the decorating, so if you can use a printer, you can do this for your wedding! Here is what you’ll need and how to do it…


Printable wedding kids activity book
8.5″ by 11″ paper
1-hole punch
Baker’s twine or ribbon
Printable wedding crayon box cover
Crayon box, 8 count

Free Printable Washington DC Wedding Activity Book (1)

Printable Wedding Activity Book (1)

To Make

First, download the free wedding activity book printable and free wedding crayon box cover. Print it out on standard white paper.

For the activity book, two pages. You’ll need to print page one. Turn over and print page 2 on the backside. Then, on a new piece of paper, print page 3. Turn that over and print page 4 on the backside. This process will make the book two pages, double sided. Fold the pages in half, make sure the page numbers are in correct order, punch two holes along the edge and secure with colorful baker’s twine or ribbon — be sure to keep the knots loose so it will be easy to turn the pages.

For the crayon box cover, print out the download. Each sheet makes two crayon box wrappers. Cut out the box wrappers. Fold along edges and secure to crayon box with clear tape. A helpful hint, cut the crayon box wrappers a little longer than the guideline to make some overlap on the boxes. 

Printable Wedding Activity Book (3)

Washington DC Wedding Printable Activity Book (1)

Washington DC Wedding Printable Activity Book (3)

The coloring book has already been tested by our editor, Juli’s, daughter. She had some fun coloring the book for us and she approves! Too cute!

The kiddos will love this! If you want to customize this booklet even more – maybe add your names and wedding date! – don’t hesitate to contact Michelle at City Bee Design.

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