Hello, bridesmaids and maids of honor! As promised, we are back with a few bridal shower tips and advice from Rachel of Sweet Root Village. Rachel is the mastermind behind the beautiful retro inspired bridal shower in Old Town Alexandria that we showcased earlier this morning. We were so in love with Lauren’s bridal shower that we couldn’t let it go without a little bit of advice for how to pull of a bridal shower of your own. So, if you are planning a bridal shower or are hoping someone plans one for you, then take note! Take it away, Rachel…


Here are a few pieces of advice for throwing a bridal shower:

While I am pretty adept at throwing parties myself, it was such a joy to co-host a shower with a couple of other ladies! Costs are better distributed, and if tasks and jobs are handed out early-on and everyone is really on board, it makes for such a great experience and less stress! Plus, all the extra hands setting up is quite invaluable.

I am personally a firm believer that all the games and activities really aren’t necessary. They absolutely can be a really fun addition to a gathering, but my preferred go-to’s for any party are good music, good food and drinks, and good company. Get a bunch of wonderful people together and there is endless conversation and fun! Though I will say, that a great personal element for any party – ESPECIALLY when a significant number of guests are just meeting for the first time – is to do rounds of introductions. Giving each guest a chance to introduce themselves and share how they met the bride-to-be is always a really special time!

Drinks and Food
It’s really easy to stretch yourself a little too far in this area and get overzealous in all sorts of homemade treats and extravagant drinks, especially with the “but-it-looks-so-easy” Pinterest perfections we are always presented with. But there are so many quick and easy things that will really allow yourself to go farther and do more and not be spending HOURS and HOURS prepping! Cheese, meats, and crackers with fruits are the easiest thing ever and you can never go wrong! Pre-made punches are a breeze and don’t often need to be refilled or need any upkeep.

Most any wedding or event guru will tell you it’s ALL in the details. And it’s totally true! Invitations, paper goods, props and styling, flowers, name tags on anything for no reason are just so worth the effort! Every little bit makes the event more complete and every little bit of extra thought and attention is always noticed and appreciated by someone.


Are you ready to throw your own bridal shower!? Thank you so much Rachel for sharing some advice for hosting a bridal shower. If you want to see more, be sure to check out Lauren’s retro inspired bridal shower that we featured this morning. And, if you are in need of wedding planning help or event design, do check out Rachael and Lauren at Sweet Root Village.

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Photos courtesy of Rebekah J. Murray Photgoraphy and Sweet Root Village

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