Now that we are through what is officially called “engagement season” here in the Washington DC area, I have some stats for you! (Yes, there is actually an engagement season! It is time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day when most couples become engaged to be married.) Our friend Kim, editor at WeddingWire, was so kind to share lots of DC-specific stats with us about weddings, engaged couples and proposals in the DC area. (And, if you haven’t popped the question yet, take some notes!) As many of you are just getting into the whole wedding planning process, I hope you enjoy! For those that are fully in it, hang with us! Take it away, Kim…


Photo Credit: Rhinehart Photography from Kyle and Kaylan’s DC wedding proposal story

Outdoorsy Proposals
We’re seeing so many couples get married while out on hikes or on some sort of adventurous excursion. The best part of these types of proposals is that they usually don’t cost a lot of (or any!) money, and if you’re an active couple, won’t cause any suspicion. A few good spots in the DC area for proposal hikes – Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland and Old Rag Mountain (not the most romantic name, I know!) in Virginia.

Not-So Private
A few years ago, it seemed like the majority of proposals were private events – just the couple in their apartment or at an intimate dinner. But now, more and more couples are sharing their proposals with family and friends. Many “proposers” are inviting family and friends to an event like a birthday party or holiday party, only to turn it into a proposal celebration. And – bonus! – no need to pick up the phone and call everyone you know post-proposal – they’re all right in front of you!

Recreate the First Date
Proposals with a nostalgic twist are big. Couples are returning to their college apartments, the restaurant or movie theater where they had their first date, the street corner where they had their first kiss – these proposals are always so romantic and unique. We even heard about a proposal on an airplane since that’s where the couple met!

The Monuments, Natch
Okay, we’re in DC so we have to give props to the monuments. When they’re all lit up at night, there’s really no more romantic and historic spot in the city. We recently wrote about Kyle and Kaylan’s DC wedding proposal story at the Jefferson Memorial – there’s something so classic about it and no matter what the proposal “trends” are, it will never go out of style.

So, what’s next? Here are some stats from WeddingWires most recent survey:

  • Getting older: According to WeddingWire’s 2013 Survey of Couples engaged couples are, on average, about 29 years of age.
  • Breaking the Mold: According to WeddingWire’s survey of same-sex couples, more than two-thirds of same-sex couples signify their engagement with two pieces of jewelry (versus one ring, for example)
  • Budgeting-well: Engaged couples, on average nation-wide, spend about $29,428 on their wedding [Editor’s note, the average wedding cost in the DC area is a little bit higher.]
  • Digital Couples: Couples today are most likely to use their desktop/laptop to plan their weddings, followed by their smartphone, then tablet, then magazine/books.


So, what about you? Did you have any of these dreamy wedding proposal scenarios!?

Thank you so much Kim and the team at WeddingWire! You can find real (and helpful!) wedding vendor reviews from couples who were in your shoes not too long ago on WeddingWire, so be sure to check it out during your wedding vendor hunt process!

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