Get ready for another installment of our new Washington DC wedding announcement series on the blog with Jenny and David. After meeting on OkCupid, both David and Jenny left their first date and immediately cancelled their online dating profiles without telling each other! I’ll let them tell you their story now…

Washington DC Proposal

Tell us about your engagement…

David, sneaky little guy he is, worked for months in advance with his family and Jenny’s to plan the perfect proposal. He even survived last minute ring drama, as the ring, which was custom made in Jenny’s hometown, was not ready until right before her parents headed to the airport to fly to DC for the proposal.

Leading up to the proposal day, to make sure she would be dressed in her best, David told Jenny they would be going to a wine tasting at their friend’s restaurant, Acqua al 2, that night. David then arranged for Jenny to be away from the apartment the day of the proposal with friends for brunch and manicures (no, Jenny still didn’t know anything was up). While Jenny was off drinking mimosas, David, his mom and sisters, Jenny’s mom, grandma, and sister snuck up to the roof of David and Jenny’s building to hang barn lights and set up candles, which David later complemented with flowers and champagne.

When Jenny got home from the girls’ day, she found a note taped to the door from David. The note told Jenny that David had left the apartment so she could get ready solo and surprise him with what she was wearing, and that she should text him for further instructions when she was ready. The further instructions led her to the roof, where she saw the beautiful set up. David led Jenny to a pre-arranged spot where he knew the photographer, his good friend and former coworker, could snap candid shots of the proposal. In all the excitement, Jenny got down on her knees with David while he was proposing! Jenny was so caught up in the moment that she couldn’t remember a thing David said, and asks him to repeat the proposal often. She still gets teary looking back at the photos and thinking about all that everyone did to make the day so special.

After they took some time to toast with champagne and take in the moment, Jenny frantically called her big family before the news hit social media, but found them a bit hard to reach. She decided she’d try them after the wine tasting, an event David assured her was, in fact, still happening.

When David and Jenny arrived at Acqua al 2 and went to the upstairs area for this supposed wine tasting, Jenny got the second shock of the night as the room full of people shouted “surprise!” and she realized it was David’s family and her family, all in one place, having flown in from all over to help celebrate. No wonder they weren’t answering their phones! Neither could imagine a more perfect way to celebrate the engagement than surrounded by all their closest family and friends.

David and Jenny plan to marry in DC at David’s lifelong church, Annunciation, in Northwest DC, on November 15, 2014 (almost a year to the day from when David proposed). They will hold their reception at The Whittemore House in Dupont Circle, a fitting venue given the couple’s love of their neighborhood.

Washington DC Wedding Engagement Announcement Washington DC Proposal Dani P S Photography (2)

Washington DC Proposal Dani P S Photography (1)

About DC…

David grew up in DC, and has completed all of his schooling here as well, from grade school at Annunciation Catholic Church to high school at St. John’s College High School to college at Catholic University. He has also spent his entire post-graduate career teaching little ones in DC public and charter schools, and his parents live nearby in Bethesda. Jenny moved to the DC area on a whim in the fall of 2009 (on her parents’ anniversary, which is clearly a fateful date!). She moved into the District-proper from Arlington in 2012, and only wishes she’d made the move sooner. David and Jenny met, fell for each other, got engaged, and plan to marry in DC. They currently call Dupont Circle home.


Thank you so much Jenny and David! We wish you the best in your marriage and your wedding planning, of course!

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Photo Credit: Dani P. S. Photography

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