One of the most special parts of your DC-area wedding day will be sharing it with family and friends – loved ones armed with cell phones, cameras and tablets, that is! But, what are you to do about the potential for your guests to innocently ruin (blocking the photographer’s view, standing during the ceremony and blocking guests’ view, using flash on digital cameras, etc.) the beautiful work of Washington DC photographers and videographers that you invested in? As a way to protect the way your special day is captured, consider having an unplugged wedding: a wedding where guests are politely asked to turn off all electronic devices. If you’re thinking there’s no polite way to ask this of your guests, think again. Local photographer Diana, of Diana Lewkowicz Photography, created Photoquette, your go-to source for photo etiquette cards that kindly asks your guest to refrain from taking photos.

Unplugged Wedding Etiquette Cards

From Diana: Put aside the investment the couple is making in their wedding photography, its the experience that the guests are impacting by indiscriminately using their phones or cameras. Couples should be seeing their guest’s faces during their wedding, not their phones or cameras pointed at them. That is what they expect from their well paid photographers.

Wedding Photo Etiquette Cards

Uplugged Wedding Sign

I truly struggled against the guests with their cameras to capture my client’s wedding, but unfortunately the guests had no idea how they were harming the couple’s wedding photography investment.

Photo Etiquette Cards

Unplugged Wedding Cards

Thank you so much for sharing these photo etiquette cards, Diana! If you’re looking to get these for your wedding guests, be sure to visit Photoquette.

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Photo Credits: Diana Lewkowicz Photography

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