It is Labor Day weekend, so I hope that you are eeking out the last bits of summer! Here is what we did in Washington DC area weddings this time last year…


Photo Credit: Audra Wrisley Photography

  • Summer’s Eve Bridal Portraits :: Speaking of those last little bits of summer, check out this bridal portrait session in Virginia inspired by the end of summer. So pretty!


Photo Credit: Liz Maryann Photography

  • Attending a South Asian Wedding :: There are many cultural weddings in the Washington, DC area, so chances are that you might find yourself at a wedding ceremony where you aren’t familiar with the traditions. If you are a guest at a South Asian wedding, here is everything you need to know!


Photo Credit:  Evelyn Alas Photography

  • Midnight Wedding Proposal at Jefferson Memorial :: We all know that you are supposed to be quite at the Jefferson Memorial, but what if someone asked for your hand in marriage!? Check out Tim and Natalie’s surprise engagement at midnight at the memorial.


Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray

  • Elegant and Handcrafted Wedding in DC :: Fall is coming to the DC area, so Diana and John’s outdoor wedding will definitely put you in the mood for autumn. Full of hand crafted details and elegance, this wedding is worth a rewind!

So, that’s what we did last year! What was your favorite thing that you missed? If you need more to do this weekend, you can browse our guide full of the best wedding vendors in the DC area or look for more tips and advice from the local pros.


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