If you are looking for a bridal shower sweet treat or a favor for your wedding, or even an out-of-town bag snack – the options are endless – then you’ve come to the right post! We’re back with more from our DIY dessert series and today we’re giving you simple and quick steps to make fondant monogram cupcake toppers. I promise you, fondant is not as scary as it seems. With a rolling pin and rubber stamps in hand, these super sweet heart adornments can transform the most basic of cupcakes into an amazing confectionery! And be sure to check out our other desserts and DIY wedding ideas!

Bridal Shower Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Photo Credits: Hannah Colclazier Photography

Fondant Monogram Cupcake Topper

Fondant Topper Ingredients:

  • Fondant – I used pink Duff fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Miniature rubber stamps
  • Cookie cutter in desired shape
  • Corn starch

To Make:

Channeling my inner Duff Goldman, I purchased a ready-made tub of Duff fondant (in hot pink, of course!) at Michael’s for these cupcake toppers. Dust your workspace and fondant with cornstarch (don’t use powdered sugar!) and smooth fondant with rolling pin. Brush off extra corn starch and press in cookie cutters. Align and rubber alphabet stamps in fondant shape. Exposure to sunlight, air, and/or moisture will change their color and consistency, so these toppers should be stored in a cool, dark and dry location once you’re done!

** Tip: Rubber stamp alphabet sets are pretty expensive, especially if you only plan on using few letters. Look through your craft store’s dollar bins – there are almost always few fun sets to pick up!

DIY Monogram Fondant Topper

Wedding Monogram Fondant Cupake Topper

Photo Credits: Hannah Colclazier Photography


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Photo Credits: Hannah Colclazier Photography

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