From the Washington DC monuments to the scenic waterfront views of the Chesapeake, there are a countless number of local locations that would make for some stunning wedding day photos. For all the couples who are mapping out the wedding day schedule, consider adding in a second or third location for photos. But, with that said, keep in mind that these fabulous backdrops can wreak havoc on your wedding day photography timeline. There are tons of items to factor into your decision, from the size of your wedding party to the possibility of traffic, and everything in between! Susie from Inspired Photography returns with her pro advice on how to successfully add in multiple locations to your photography schedule. (Be sure to check out her last post on what a wedding photography schedule is and how to set one!) Take it away, Susie…

Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky

Photo Credit: Inspired Photography

Adding in a Second or Third Location for Photos

When you are having the ceremony and reception in different places, or maybe you are having them in all at one venue, but want to go somewhere else for photos, this can add quite a bit of time to your photography timeline.  If it takes 10 or 15 minutes to travel, it also can take another 10 or fifteen minutes to get everyone around, travel to the location, unload, and get ready to start photos.  If you are considering doing this, here are a few things that might help out:

  • Consider just taking you and your significant other to the 2nd location.  This would cut out the need to have the entire wedding party dressed and ready to go at the same time you are.  If the hair/makeup runs late, or a groomsman is running late, it wouldn’t affect your photography this way.
  • If you do want to get the entire wedding party photographed at the 2nd location, consider hiring a limo or party bus so everyone can ride together.  This way, you’ll eliminate the chances of someone getting lost on the way & finding parking for all the vehicles.
  • I generally tell my couples that adding in a 2nd location adds at least 10-15 minutes of loading/unloading, plus the travel time.  It’s not generally a big deal, but if you already don’t have any buffer time in your schedule, and things run a little late, it can become a little more of a problem.  Talk to your photographer about how much extra time you should plan for your location.

Washington DC Area Wedding Portraits

Photo Credit: Inspired Photography

Permit Fees

  • Some locations also require permit fees for wedding parties and/or groups over a certain number of people. Check the requirements of the location you’re wanting to shoot and see what you need to get.  It’s no fun getting kicked off a location on your wedding day with all your wedding party!

Parking (especially in the city!)

  • This can add another 15 or 20 minutes to your photography time, easily.  Also, even if you have a limo to transport you and your wedding party, you photographer may need to find parking and get to the location.  Make sure you talk about this before the wedding day to figure out the best solution for everyone!

Do an Engagement Session at the Second Location

  • If you can figure out how to work in a 2nd or 3rd location to your day, you can always talk to your photographer about doing an engagement session there.  This way, it could be included, but you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting everyone to and from there.  This is a great option!


Have you planned your photography timeline yet? Let us know! Thank you so much for the great advice, Susie! And, don’t forget to check out her first post on how to create a wedding day photography schedule. If you’re looking for more wedding photography advice or for an engagement or wedding photography, be sure to check out Inspired Photography.

From fashion and beauty to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

Photo Credit: Inspired Photography

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