What were you doing this time last year?? I don’t know if I could answer that question myself, but I sure did have some fun checking out all of the posts that we did this time last year. I think you’ll agree!


Photo Credit: Kelly Prizel Photography from Kristen + Laura’s wedding

  • Unique Same-Sex Wedding in Baltimore :: Don’t let these pretty wedding dresses fool you! Kristen and Laura’s wedding at the American Visionary Arts Museum was fun, sweet and just as unique as they are!


Photo Credit: k. thompson photography

  • DC Area Wedding Budget Percentages :: If you are unsure of how to break down the finances or how much is typical to spend on what for your wedding in the DC area, then you’ll want to check out this post. We’ve laid out the typical budget breakdown percentages for you for a wedding in the Washington DC area.


Photo Credit: Jodi Miller Photography from Janelle + Jonathan’s wedding

  • Modern Wedding in Washington DC :: The yellow + gray color combo is so amazing and Janelle and Jonathan used it to pull their gorgeous wedding in Washington DC together and help to make it lovely and modern.


Photo Credit: Terra Dawn Photography from DIY fudge recipe

So, that’s what we did last year! What was your favorite thing that you missed? If you need more to do this weekend, you can browse our guide full of the best wedding vendors in the DC area or look for more tips and advice from the local pros.

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