I hope you are hungry for today’s brunch! Let me introduce you to Eat & Smile Catering. They are proud to be the first locally-sourced caterer in the Washington, DC area, supporting local farmers, bakers, cheesemakers, fisherfolk, and other producers within 150 miles of the city. Local ingredients are more ecologically friendly, economically sustainable, better for you, and taste fantastic! Weddings are their specialty, and they consider it an honor to be part of a couple’s big day. Eat & Smile Catering provides formal plated dinners, relaxed seasonal buffets and taste bud-tempting hors d’oeuvres, working around dietary restrictions, preferences, and budgetary concerns. There’s lots of creativity in their food, and they enjoy working one-on-one with their clients to find the right balance for their event! In addition, their food has been so well-loved by past clients that they are currently undertaking the opening of an occasional supper club in their kitchen space in NE DC. Visit The Bespoke Kitchen on Facebook to learn more! You can check Eat & Smile Catering out on their website or you can see all of their past features on the blog.



Photo Credit:  Alexandra Friendly Photography

Yum! I hope that you check out Eat & Smile Catering! Join us again next weekend for Sunday brunch with another fantastic supporter of United With Love! We’ll see you back here on tomorrow bright and early Monday morning! If you are interested in joining us for brunch on United With Love, please send us an email.

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