I hope that you and yours are carrying on your fourth of July festivities into this weekend! I’m having such a blast going through all of the old content on the blog and I’m now even more committed to this a year ago series. There are just so many great posts on United With Love that deserve to be seen…again! Here is what we did one year ago this week…


Photo Credit: Hannah Colclazier Photography

  • An All-American wedding engagement in DC –  From cowboy boots to the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin, Kristie and Brad celebrated their wedding engagement with a photo session around the city full of patriotic details.


Photo Credit: Madalina Lesan Photography

  • DC Area wedding budget troubles + solutions – When we first wrote a post about the average cost of wedding in the DC area, many were shocked at the price tag. One bride even told us her issues with developing priorities. So, we went to the best wedding planners in the area and found her some help!


Photo Credit: Elisa B. Photography

  • Wedding dress preservation in DC, Maryland and Virginia – If you would like to have your wedding dress cleaned and/or preserved in the Washington DC area, check out our list of local places that will take care with your wedding dress. Plus a few tips for how to do and what you need to know!


 Photo Credit: Sarah Culver Photography

  • Annapolis courthouse wedding – Sonali and Jason dressed up in their best vintage attire, went to the Annapolis courthouse and got married! They then celebrated with their closest friends and family, and it couldn’t have been sweeter or more intimate!
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