With technology becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, it comes as no surprise that there are now wedding phone apps to download for planning and wedding day fun for guests. We’ve seen guests join in on the day’s celebrations with wedding day hash tags— #TimberlakeWedding #JustinandAlly (if only!) — for Twitter and Instagram, but with Wedding Snap the photo-sharing becomes that much easier. Today, the team from Wedding Snap is here to share some fun ideas to involve your guests and tells us a little more about the latest wedding phone app. Take it away, Wedding Snap!


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Here at Wedding Snap, we know that involving your guests and making sure they have a great time will only make your wedding day all the more fun and memorable for everyone. That’s because along with of course being a day to celebrate your love for your partner, your wedding is also the perfect chance to make your guests feel just as special. From making photo-sharing a cinch to letting them join in the excitement of your grand exit sendoff, here are five fabulous ways to involve your wedding guests that we especially love. Check them out, and don’t forget to share a few of your own favorite ideas, too!

Wedding Snap Phone App

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When it comes to photo-sharing at weddings, too many couples have been left waiting weeks for guests to upload their images online, a process that is slow and tedious for both you and them. Well, those days are now long gone thanks to Wedding Snap, a unique iPhone and Android app that allows you to conveniently capture all of your guests’ photos and videos in one place without any waiting or begging. Along with being the only photo-sharing app that lets guests upload videos, Wedding Snap also allows them to enjoy a live slideshow during the reception and see all of their photos retouched by a professional photographer in the weeks following the big day. Plus, thanks to Wedding Snap’s live feed, even those relatives and friends who couldn’t make it out to celebrate can still follow along in real-time and share their own well-wishes via video message.

Games and Puzzles

From customized crossword puzzles to word searches and mad libs, trivia games about you and your sweetie are a great way to get guests talking and having a fun time together all throughout your dinner hour. Set aside some time later in the evening to announce the answers, and consider making it a contest by giving away small prizes, or even your centerpieces, to the guest at each table who gets the most answers right. Inviting guests who love the spotlight? Talk with your DJ about arranging competitions like guy vs. girl sing-alongs or dance-offs to help keep everyone entertained and on the dance floor. {See: Wedding fun and games on United With Love!}

Ring Blessing Ceremony

Especially perfect for couples planning a small and intimate gathering, a ring blessing ceremony where guests pass the rings from one person to the next is an incredibly heartfelt way to acknowledge family and friends’ special presence in your lives. Worried about the rings getting dropped or lost? Consider passing them around enclosed in a small transparent pouch or attached to a ring pillow to make mishaps less likely.

Large Wedding Guest Book

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Creative Guestbook

While the traditional guestbook will always stand out as a timeless and classic choice, couples these days are also choosing from an endless number of creative options designed to match their personalities and wedding style, like wine corks, puzzle pieces, sports gear, thumbprint trees, rustic stones and more. Guests will love helping create a lasting keepsake for your home, and rather than simply asking them to sign their names, you can get them even more involved by having them share tips for a great marriage or future hopes for you and your partner. Like this idea, but don’t think there will be enough room on the guestbook itself? If space is tight, consider providing separate cards or even a large photo mat. {See: Unique wedding guest book ideas on United With Love!}

Grand Exit

Finally, an exciting exit is the perfect way for you and all of your guests to close out the night in grand style! Whether you choose to run through a sparkler tunnel, see yourselves showered with confetti or do whatever else sounds like the most fun, guests will love being right in the middle of the action, while your photographer will also have a chance to capture a few more creative group shots. {See: Wedding send off ideas on United With Love!}

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to involve your guests and make sure everyone has a wonderful time celebrating together! What do you think of these ideas? Are you planning to give any of them a try at your own wedding?


Thanks for sharing all these great ideas, Wedding Snap! If you are looking for a fun and creative way to collect and share your wedding day photos, be sure to sign up for Wedding Snap and let all your guests know to join in on the fun!

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