Are you thinking about registering for your wedding or are you not interested in registering at all? More importantly, are you wondering what is a wedding registry!? Welcome to wedding registry week here at United With Love! (Fair warning though, we have so much info to give you that we might just extend it into next week too!) We are going to give you all the details (and more!) of registering for your wedding in the Washington DC area. Registering can be really overwhelming and it is a decision that each couple needs to make together, so hopefully we’ll be able to help you out and give you some ideas along the way! Without further ado, let’s jump right in with the wedding registry basics…


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What is a wedding registry?

Most (not all) wedding guests like to purchase a gift for the married couple. In an effort to get the couple something they actually want and will use, many guests buy items off of a couple’s “wedding registry” list of gifts. This is a list of items that the couple has hand-selected with their own desires and personal style in mind. Wedding registries can be at traditional retail stores for things like towels, cookware and furniture, or they can be for intangable items like a honeymoon or downpayment for a house. Wedding registries can also be for charity or causes personal to the couple. When a wedding guest wants to purchase a gift they can purchase something off of a registry list knowing that it is something the couple needs and wants. It is called a “registry” because couples can register their list of items at select stores and the store will keep track of their list and the items purchased.

Why should you register?

The decision to register or not is a personal one and something that each couple should think about and decide together. In the Washington DC area many engaged couples live together prior to marriage and perhaps they already have items for their home, which would make registering for kitchen items unnecessary. (In this case, it might be better to register for a honeymoon or something non-traditional!) A wedding registry is for couples who want to eliminate the guesswork for their wedding guests. Many guests like a wedding registry because they can buy with confidence.

When should we register?

Couples can register anytime prior to their wedding. It is safe to assume that once your wedding invitation goes out, wedding gifts will start to arrive. Many guests like to bring gifts to the wedding, so remember to have a gift table and someone to take the gifts home safely. Gifts will continue to arrive for a year after your wedding. At the very least, ensure that you are registered before your invitations are mailed. Even better, it is a good thing to register before your shower if you are having one. Many shower guests will purchase off of your registry for a shower gift. (All of those small kitchen gadgets make for great shower presents!) After your shower, make sure that you refresh or add items to your registry, so that there are enough items for wedding presents.

What should we register for?

What to put on a registry list is a very personal choice that each couple needs to make together. Consider this a little test of your marital compromising skills that you’ll need for the rest of your marriage! You can register for such a wide variety of items that it is wise to do you research to see what is out there able to be added to a registry. If you are registering for more traditional household items, there are lots of free registry checklists online, many stores offer a free list of items to get you thinking and if you stick around, we’ll have one for you later in the week!

What if we don’t register?

Not registering for a wedding is certainly an option that many couples take. It is such a personal choice. Most wedding guests will get you a gift of some sort regardless of your registry status. If you don’t register, you are leaving that gift choice up to chance. You must be OK with whatever gifts come your way and that you might not be able to return said gifts if it is not your style.

That’s just a little preview! We have a whole lot more wedding registry advice coming your way this week. So, hang with us! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this post that we did on a unique places to register in in the DC area. Also, if you are still looking for any wedding vendors, check out our comprehensive list of the wedding vendors in the DC area!

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