Traditional pre-wedding celebrations can be bridal showers or local bachelorette parties, but who says the fun has to stop there?! Local fashionista and wedding day stylist Tyler of FashionStyler is back for one more installment and this time she shares some must-have ideas with your wedding party to make your day even more memorable. (Be sure to check out Tyler’s other posts on wedding day style, engagement ring styling, and photo shoot prep too!) Take it away, Tyler…


Photo Credit: Connor Studios from Lisa + Ron’s wedding

When it comes to the day of the wedding, there are some do’s before the “I do’s. Part of the reason we all dream of our wedding day is not only to marry the person of our dreams, but to follow traditions that have been set before us. But, in our modern day, part of the fun is making new traditions for us! Make your wedding stand out to those in your family and wedding party by paying attention to the moments that so regularly follow standard routine. The day of your wedding is a time that can have even more memories by making it special before the dress goes on. Use some of the following fun ideas to change up this traditional trend:

After the Party it’s the Wedding

At this point in the game, being your wedding day, there is not much else that can be done. What will be will be. So, time for fun and focus on you! Kick off the best day ever with a party! Create a celebratory atmosphere during getting ready duties by lightening the mood. The MOH can play host to game show style games or have the wedding party break up into teams and reenact their favorite bride and groom moments. Or have a themed party that might require some fun dress up or favors. A good laugh to help you forget nerves and stress? Yes, please!

The Dress before the Dress

Hello hairdressers! Believe it or not, there are other pieces of clothing we can wear that will not hurt the precious hair do. A dear friend of mine stepped out of the button down shirt box and wore a great little white day dress while pampering. It was great to see her feeling good while looking good. And don’t let this dress be another item on the budget—find a fun frock at an accessible price at stores like H&M or Topshop.

Get Out! No Really, Get Out

All brides are different. Some would love to spend the day in the hotel room with hair and make-up magic at work, but if your hair and make-up might be a little lower maintenance, then plan a fun day out! Plan a brunch at your favorite spot or invite the bridal party to your favorite yoga class to Zen yourself before the big day!


So many fun + great ideas for pre-wedding traditions. Thank you for sharing these ideas, Tyler! If you’re looking for more wedding fashion advice or a wedding-day stylist for you or the rest of your wedding party, be sure to check out more of Tyler’s services at FashionStyler!

From fashion and beauty to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

Photo Credits: Connor Studios

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