Today we’re all about the bling— ring bling that is! If you’re in the market for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, don’t be intimated by the idea of designing your own wedding engagement ring. With a budget in mind and the right advice, you’ll be well on your way to custom rings for you and yours. And that’s where we come in! Local jewelry designer Heidi of Poppy Metals is here to talk the art of jewelry design and how you (yes, you!) can customize and design something special and personal for your big day. Take it away, Heidi…


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A wedding band can be just that, a band of metal that symbolizes a union of two people. However, it can be more than a simple band; a narrative can be told through the conceptual design. Custom made wedding bands and engagement rings can be personalized in so many ways and lend a hand in telling a story of two people, joining together.


Finding a Jeweler/Designer

When it comes to custom made wedding bands and engagement rings, first off, have an idea of what you’re looking for.  Are you searching for rings with a “hand-fabricated” artistry touch, or rustically refined, or sleek and contemporary; whatever you are looking for, your personal aesthetics is attainable. Once you have a clear idea of what you want your rings to embody; the next step is to find a designer that can bring your vision to life. When searching for a jeweler that does custom work, don’t forget that there are several categories and titles that can be used, such as jewelry designer, jewelry artist, and the general classification, custom made jewelry. Get creative with your search—you may stumble upon a gem! Keep in mind that many smaller named designers have very little web existence, so you may have to dig deep; but again, know what you’re looking for and you will find it!

Choose several designers that appeal to you and familiarize yourself with their style before the first meeting to determine if your tastes are compatible. Get information that may be useful or samples of previous commissions, along with their background and testimonies from prior clients.


Initial Consultation

Once you have found a designer, contact them to set up the initial consultation. This usually doesn’t cost a dime! When meeting with a perspective designer, there are a couple of things to consider: Do you have a good connection with the designer? Do you feel comfortable and are you able to easily ask questions? This might not seem as important if you are purchasing rings at a larger brand jewelry store, but for custom work this relationship is important. This designer is there to help transport your stories, style and character through these rings, so if they aren’t all ears, you may want to move on. You, the client needs to feel confident in their craft and design.


Design and Fabrication

Now it’s time to create. This is where you need to be clear about your ideas. Do you want stones? What kind? What type of metal? Texture? And so on.  Also, know your budget. This should not reflect in the design per se, but can definitely sway the decision as to which materials can be used in making the rings. Once the initial set of deigns are presented, don’t hesitate to ask questions and make changes as necessary. Remember, it is the designer’s goal for their client to be thoroughly pleased with the rings—you’ll be wearing them for quite some time! Once the designs are finalized and you feel fully confident, it’s time for the fabrication. This can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks, or more.


The Rings

The rings are finished and hopefully (yes, this is even where my heart stops a bit) you are ecstatic when they are presented to you. Try them on, make sure they fit correctly and feel good.  Just because they are finished doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for alterations. You should be 100% content and thrilled with your rings.

I hope that these tips will help guide you through the process of custom designing your wedding bands and engagement ring. And don’t forget, “Everything you can imagine is real.”—Pablo Picasso


Thank you for sharing this fabulous advice and inspiration, Heidi! If you’re looking to design your wedding and engagement rings, be sure to check out Poppy Metals.

From fashion and beauty to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

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