Practice makes perfect when it comes to your Washington DC wedding engagement session— it’s your first chance to get cozy in front of the camera, and you’ll want to look your best! But if you’re just as awkward in photos as I am, then you’ll want to keep reading. Local fashionista and wedding day stylist Tyler of FashionStyler comes to us with some tips on how to make the most of your photo session and look fabulous!  (Be sure to read up on Tyler’s other posts on wedding day style and engagement ring styling, too!) Take it away, Tyler…

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Photo Credit: Shelby Leigh Photography from Wintye + Reggie’s engagement

When it comes to engagement shoots: strike a pose! Oh to be photogenic! Why do all the models of the world have to look so good? I mean even the ones with a snaggle tooth—don’t they get docked any points? Unfortunately no and we must let them be blessed with their god given talent of good cheek bones but, let’s not throw in all our cards just yet. Part of the reason these check boned chicks looks so good is because of professionals like myself that know a trick or two. There is so much more to a great photograph than a pretty face. And investing in these lasting images, wanting our children to talk about how pretty we were (ahem, still are), means putting aside the envy of the latest cover of Vogue and putting to use the following tips!

See Your True Colors

What Cyndi Lauper wants, Cyndi Lauper gets, and if that means true colors shining through, then shine we shall. Color is such an integral part to a photo, especially how it plays on the subjects. Having a stylist or trustworthy confidant find your perfect colors that brings out the best color in your face and light in your eyes is the key to kicking off this important photo shoot session.

Strike a Pose

So maybe it’s not so much “striking” the pose as much as making the pose happen. I would pay someone to tell me how to stand to loose those 10 unwanted pounds all the time let alone in images we want to show and brag about.  And even if it’s not just about the angle, finding that perfect laughing smile with the sun peeking through just right—well, that kind of magic comes from behind the camera.

Getting to Know You

Take your time finding the best photographer for you. A good rapport with your personal paparazzi could be the difference between images you like and images you love. Be familiar with their portfolio and make sure your styles match. Also, if they allow it, have a consultation to get to know them—see if you might be friends outside this business exchange that will make the shoot session that much more comfortable.

A little expertise can go a long way – especially with photos during this special time that represent this important time in your life. Make yourself picture perfect with the help of a stylist on all things wardrobe, posing, location and props.


What do you have in mind for your wedding engagement shoot? Tell us! Thank you for sharing all this great info, Tyler!

If you’re looking for more wedding fashion advice or a wedding-day stylist for you or the rest of your wedding party, be sure to check out more of Tyler’s services at FashionStyler!

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Photo Credits: Shelby Leigh Photography

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