Wedding planning isn’t always blissful, especially when it comes in hand with major stress factors (e.g. finances, family). The stress of planning on top of your everyday life can lead to some serious headaches—but we refuse to let that happen! Today, Carlene, a local wedding wellness dietitian, returns to the blog to share her pro advice on ways to cut back the wedding planning stress and how to be your best self during what’s sure to be one of the busiest times of your life! Be sure to read her first post on how to stay healthy during wedding planning. Take it away, Carlene…

Photo Credit: Debi Parker Photography from Michelle + Jim’s engagement

During my last guest post I shared my top tips for staying healthy during wedding planning. But, there’s more to be said. Weddings, food and health: all emotionally charged topics. The expectations, societal pressures, memories and related goals of all three are enough to make your head spin.

Part of what I do with my wedding wellness clients is to be a source of support throughout both the wedding planning process and as we uncover their healthy eating barriers. And often times, it’s not about the food. It’s about stress, relationships, control, lack of sleep and definitely ‘compare-itis’ with other women. What we see on Pinterest, on wedding blogs or magazines makes brides believe they need their weddings to look a certain way and that they need to look a certain way.

But, who says you need to yield to such a ridiculous pressure? Skinny is not an indication of health and it doesn’t mean beautiful either. There’s so much more to ‘beautiful’ than the size on a dress. Health and beauty are how confident you are with your body and the amount of energy you have to celebrate life on a daily basis.

Your fiancé loves you the way you are. When you shop for a dress you should be shopping for something that is perfect for you. The feel of the fabric, the lines on the dress, the beading on the bodice or the sweet silk bow on the lower back, the perfect dress exists for every woman.

Photo Credit: Debi Parker Photography from Michelle + Jim’s engagement

 The reason I started Healthfully Ever After is because of what I saw other brides doing when I was planning my own wedding. Women were spending tons of money on phony products that physically and emotionally hurt, leaving them no closer to their goals than they were before. Wedding wellness didn’t exist. It was wedding starving and the creation of bridezillas who weren’t fueling their bodies to even breathe or think! And it killed me.

I help brides who are motivated to become healthier for themselves. I’m here for the women who want to make lasting changes to be confident, to eat to improve their health and to have more energy to be the bride they want to be. Because wellness is more than the size on the dress.

So, how to avoid these pressures and scams? Here are the top 5 tips:

Take Time to Unwind

Planning a wedding isn’t a walk in the park. There are emotionally charged discussions that can feel like they happen over every napkin color and invitation line. Each day take 15 minutes for yourself. Unwind, give yourself a pinch (you’re marrying someone you love!), and think positive, not “perfect”.

Appreciate Yourself

Stop comparing yourself to everyone and give yourself some love! Feel stuck? Have your fiancé write the top 5 things they love about you. Read it every night.

Trust Your Instincts

If you’re tempted by a weight loss or health product and something seems fishy, it probably is. Trust your gut, just like you should trust your instincts over the right dress.

Find the Facts

Scoping out a service or product? Find the facts! Is the person accredited in their field? Does the product have scientific studies to back it up? If not, don’t waste your money. You deserve true value.

Faster Isn’t Always Better

A product or plan that promises fast weight loss is dangerous and won’t last. A safe weight loss that’s sustainable is 1-2 pounds per week. If the advertisement says more, you’re likely to harm your body, your wallet and gain the weight back quickly. And don’t focus on the pounds! It’s important to focus on how you feel and your confidence level.


Thank you so much, Carlene! If you are looking for more healthy motivation and advice in the Washington DC area, be sure to check out Healthfully Ever After!

From fashion and beauty to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

Photo Credits: Debi Parker Photography

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