If you’re one of the many couples-to-wed who got a pretty little something over the winter engagement season (Be sure to read up on our newly engaged advice here!), it’s all about showing off your beautiful ring… for now. A symbol of love and commitment, your engagement ring —no matter what shape, size or color—is the best fashion accessory one can ask for. But don’t take it from me! Today, local fashionista and stylist Tyler, owner of FashionStyler, is here to share some accessorizing tips for complementing your ring. Take it away, Tyler…

Photo Credits: Porter Watkins Photography from Jenn + Ryan’s engagement

When it comes to being engaged: support your sparkle. Let’s face it, ladies—we all love our fiancés but, there is that little part in all of us that loves being engaged so we can sport that sparkly rock. (BTW, especially love the word fiancé, who is with me in swapping out husband for fiancé so we can say it ‘till death do us part?) Sure there may have been diamonds in your life before the diamond, this little (or not so little) love stone though comes with that bride-to-be glow. So, how do we maximize the adoration of our well-deserving new ring finger accessory? Have fun with the following tips and build up that compliment-worthy bridal glow so your guests will be blinded by your light by the time you walk down the aisle.

Paint by Numbers

Follow the recent nail art trend and paint your ring finger a pop color that stands out from the rest. Or as a conversation starter, paint the number of weeks’ countdown to your wedding at your next manicure. Even if a friend doesn’t catch on, what better way to add a twinge of excitement to your boring afternoon at the office than a glance down at your (literally!) sparkly digit.

Winter Warmers

Whether you are recently engaged during the chilly holidays or have been engaged and heading into the cold months, no season should cause us to cover the new sparkler. Try fun fingerless gloves not only to show off your bling, but to keep savvy smart-phoners typing away hassle-free.

Coordinate Your Cover

No matter your device of choice for searching for matrimony inspiration, finding a phone cover that accents your bling will enhance the engagement experience!

Fancy Friends

No, you’re not crazy when you sometimes talk to your engagement ring as your new BFF. She needs to hear how pretty she is. But, as a bride you are busy too so, give your new hand-candy some friends of her own. Bracelets are going to be the jewelry accessories of the year just like Emerald green is our winning color for 2013. Find a complimentary watch for your ring or a couple bracelets in the colors of your wedding – the more the better for this wrist-y business!


Love these ideas for accessorizing + making a fashion statement! Thank you for sharing these great tips, Tyler! If you’re looking for more wedding fashion advice or a wedding-day stylist for you or the rest of your wedding party, be sure to check out more of Tyler’s services at FashionStyler!

From fashion and beauty to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

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