We know it is Valentine’s week and that means lots of chocolate and kisses! But, preparing for your wedding and covering every last detail can be stressful, so it’s essential that you take care of your health and wellness first and foremost. Every bride-to-be wants to look and feel their very best when they walk down the aisle and lucky for you, we’re here to help! Today, we have Carlene, a local wedding wellness dietitian (Do remember her awesome foodie bridal bouquet with fresh veggies and herbs that we featured? That’s her below!), shares her pro advice for pre-wedding diet and nutrition. With her tips, you’ll be fit and fabulous in no time! Take it away, Carlene…


Photo Credits:  Bob Updegrove Photography from Foodie Bridal Bouquet

Do thoughts of how you will look in wedding photos haunt your dreams? Those pictures are your wedding legacy! You immediately think about what you had for lunch (“Ugh. Was that even a healthy choice?”). You’re not alone. Eighty percent of brides revealed they change their diet to prep for their weddings, but that’s no reason to make yourself crazy over eating healthy—and that’s why I’m here! What you eat has a major affect on everything from how shiny your hair is, to how strong your nails are and even your mood! If you take care of yourself you’ll glow and the new healthy you will last beyond the “I Do’s” to help you live healthfully ever after.

Here are some tips for eating healthy during wedding planning:

Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand

When hunger strikes you’re likely to go for whatever is convenient—which is why drive-throughs are so dangerous. Snacking will keep your blood sugar stable, allowing you to make healthy decisions and stop you from over eating at your next meal. Always have your kitchen, car and even your purse stocked with some of my favorite balanced combinations:

  • Chobani bites
  • Carrots and cucumber sticks with hummus
  • Dried apricots and cherries with almonds or walnuts
  • Whole grain wasa crackers with Cabot 75% reduced fat cheese
  • Fruit and nut butter packets
  • Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars

Don’t Stress Eat

Non-hunger eating is one of the most common habits I see. Eating is a comfort reflex, but not the solution. Find out what’s really bugging you and what could make the situation better. Is it to make a list of what you’re overwhelmed by? To call someone to confirm an appointment? If you feel like you still might need something to wind down, try hot water with lemon.

Plan Ahead For Parties

Holy post-engagement schedule! From the parties thrown by your friends and family to the catering tastings, you’re totally inundated with food and cocktails. Never let yourself feel like you can’t have something during these events. Instead, for the rest of the day plan a super healthy meal day with lots of veggies and lean protein. At the event, limit yourself to one light cocktail or one glass of wine/bubbly. Whatever you do end up eating, make it balanced. Half of it should be fruits or veggies while the remaining half should be split between more lean protein and whole grains.

Drink Water

Beverages still have calories so don’t overdo it on energy drinks and alcohol! Not only are these awful for your skin, but they are a big source of sneaky calories. Here’s something worth noting too. The mechanism for thirst that our body makes is often mistaken for hunger. When in doubt, drink a glass of water and see how you feel. I love to flavor infuse water without calories by using my Aqua Zinger water bottle.


Such great advice to carry into your life as a newlywed, too! Thank you so much, Carlene! If you are looking for more healthy motivation and advice in the Washington DC area, be sure to check out Healthfully Ever After!

From fashion and beauty to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

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