You and yours will encounter a few debates during your wedding planning, but today we’re helping you settle one of them: wedding band or DJ? While we love all Washington DC wedding music and entertainment pros, we know that it’s essential to choose the right type of entertainment that suits your wedding style, budget and, of course, your sweet dance moves! If you are leaning towards a band, today, Angel from Washington Talent Agency is here to help settle your planning woes by uncovering a few common myths about wedding bands. Take it away, Angel…


Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography from Ashley + Wike’s wedding

Wedding entertainment has certainly evolved to meet the needs of the young, modern couple.  We can’t speak for all bands in the market, but for the bands you find here at Washington Talent, things have certainly changed! Here are some long standing beliefs that are not always true today:

MYTH:  Bands Can’t Play Current Hits

FACT:  Many bands are playing as many Top 40 hits as any DJ and most bring a full DJ setup in case there’s one you want that they might not be able to play.

MYTH:  Wedding Bands are Cheesy

FACT:  Can’t remember the last time we asked our bands to make sure they practice “Celebration,” “ I Will Survive” or “YMCA” and believe us, that won’t change anytime soon.

MYTH:  Bands Take Long Breaks

FACT:  Many bands today are actually taking no breaks at all, pairing down to 2-3 pieces during dinner to play quiet, acoustic music so your guests can talk. After dinner, it’s non-stop dance music ‘til the end of the night.

MYTH:  Bands Don’t Know Our First Dance

FACT:  Most bands today are happy to learn at least 2-3 special songs just for your reception, especially if one of those is your special song.

MYTH:  Bands Don’t Take Requests

FACT:  Ours do! Most of our bands don’t even write up a set list ahead of time because they want to feel out the party as its going. We find out before the wedding what songs the couple loves and make sure to play as many of those as possible.

MYTH:  Bands are Too Loud

FACT:  All of our bands will check with you or the wedding planner throughout the evening to make sure the volume is where you want it and they can always turn down.

MYTH:  Bands don’t MC

FACT:  One of the lead singers will always take care of the introduction and MC duties as well as coordinating with your event planner, photographer, caterer and photographer to make sure you can relax at your reception.

MYTH:  Bands are Too Expensive

FACT:  This can be true sometimes compared to a solo DJ, but not always! When working up your wedding budget, think about the overall budget and keep in mind what is most important to YOU is not the same for everyone. One couple may feel that flowers are the most important thing while another may say the food. How important is the reception music to you? We might be a little bias, but we feel guests will remember having a good time over everything else and that depends heavily on the music.

There are many bands out there that are not doing all these things, but most of the better ones are. Not all bands are created equal so make sure to ask the right questions before contracting one. And don’t forget… bands are back!


I’m in the mood for live music, aren’t you!? Thanks so much, Angel! If you are looking for a band or DJ for your wedding in the Washington DC area, be sure to check out the Washington Talent Agency.

From food and entertainment to planning and budget, we’ve got it all covered, so take a look around the blog and read more tips and advice from local wedding pros in the DC area!

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