Calling a wine aficionados! Today, we are sharing the *ultimate* wedding DIY idea for couples who want to incorporate their love of wine into their wedding. Stacy and Geoff’s wedding was featured in Style Me Pretty, so head over there to see the whole thing. Their DIY wine cork chandelier, however, needs its own feature! If you’re building a collection of wine corks and looking to get creative, local event planner Kate Harlan, of Simply Chic Events, has got you covered! In only 10 easy steps, Kate shares how to get your DIY on with the finished product beautifully captured by Kim Seidl Photography! Take it away, Kate…

When I first met Stacy and Geoff we talked about their hobbies and interests and they were quick to speak of one of their loves– wine! Of course, my mind started racing with different ways to incorporate wine into their special day without doing something that’s been done a number of times before. I was inspired by an Anthropologie window display that incorporated the use of corks for the backdrop.  I started to think of how I could create something similar for Stacy and Geoff’s wedding.  I started having visions of wine cork streamers being suspended as a focal point during their reception at Woodend Sanctuary and so began one intense DIY project.

1. Create Concept + Plan
I sketched out the concept, which helped me to think through the mechanics of what I all I needed in order to create the wine cork chandeliers I had envisioned.  Once Stacy + Geoff were on board, I started the process of bringing the wine cork chandeliers to life!

Photo courtesy of Kate Harlan of Simply Chic Events

2. Obtain Supplies
Stacy and Geoff had quite the collection of wine corks, many of which we used for the project.  We used 800 total wine works and supplemented from Etsy and eBay to get to that final quantity.  My vision incorporated some sort of “box” from which all of the wine cork streamers would hang.  I hired an Etsy artist to build + stain the wooden boxes based on dimensions and stain color I provided.  As for the rest of the supplies, my shopping list looked something like this:

  • 3″ sewing needles (extras – since there were a few casualties along the way)
  • 12 packs of Loctite Super Glue Gel
  • 2 packs of Paper-Source hemp cord
  • Small S-Hooks
  • Eye Screws (to hang the boxes which served as the base of the chandelier)
  • Screw Hooks (to hang each wine cork streamer)
  • Hanging Votives from Jamali Garden

3. Drill Wine Corks
My husband (God Bless him) created a wine cork “holder” to help expedite this process.  The holder held about a dozen wine corks at a time, which allowed me to quickly drill a hole in each one.  Once all of the corks were drilled, I started stringing the corks.

4. String Wine Corks
Once all of the corks were drilled, I began the stringing process!  I cut Paper-Source hemp cord at varying lengths and created a loop at the top of each cord.  This loop would attach to a screw hook that was drilled into the base of each box.  I then threaded the needle and started to string the corks.  Since the drilled hole was tight and the 3” needle was a little thick, I had to push the needle through the cork by pressing it into a stack of firm cardboard.  When the needle started coming through the other side of the cork, I would pull it through the rest of the way with a pair of pliers.

5. Repeat Step #4 as Desired

6. Secure the Corks
Once all of the corks were on each respective piece of cord, I spaced the corks out as desired.  I always left additional cord at the bottom of the streamer to tie an “S” hook on the end.  The “S” hook would connect the hanging votives to the streamers.  Next, I put the streamers of corks on sheets of cardboard and secured each cork with a dab of super glue on the top and bottom of the cork.

7. Repeat Step #6 as Desired

8. Building the Bases
We installed screw hooks in the base of each box + eye screws on the top of the box for hanging.

9. Install the Streamers
Once the bases are complete with the screw hooks installed in the desired locations, I began to hang the streamers and decided which streamers would contain a hanging votive.

10. Add the Votives + Light the Candles
There you have it!  Wine cork chandeliers in 10 somewhat simple steps!  Thank you to Kim Seidl for capturing the finished product so beautifully!


A perfect excuse to pop open a bottle of wine! A big “thank you” to Kate for sharing her fabulous work. If you’re in need of a creative and local wedding planner, be sure to check out Simply Chic Events.

You can visit our  DIY wedding inspiration posts if your are looking for more helpful inspiration, or browse our DC area wedding galleries for loads more ideas and colorful options!

Photo Credits: Kim Seidl Photography

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