You know you want to do some things yourself for your wedding, but what? The options are endless, but time and budget might not be. If you need DIY wedding ideas, take some help from the ladies, Megan and Laura, at Events in the City. They are sharing a few DIY projects from their wedding planning clients. These are projects that their brides and grooms made themselves or that Megan and Laura made for their clients. So, get out your glue guns, fire up your creative juices and read on for a few real DIY wedding projects ideas from real DC area weddings.


Apple escort card table

Photo Credit: Jan Michele Photography

From Laura and Megan:  “DIY elements can be a great way to save costs, but also it needs to be done sparingly. Stick with one or two things that you are good at and leave the rest to the professionals. It is surprising to know that most of the time you can spend even more money DIYing it, plus the time it takes you to do all of the assembly, when really it might of been worth having a professional do it. DIY looks so good online or in person because of the way its styled. Just throwing things out on a table usually doesn’t relay the way you had it in your head. Use the help from your planner, helpful catering manager or a friend to use props to make your DIY elements shine. If you are really crafty these items can then be the showstoppers and talking pieces of entire wedding.”

DIY-broch-bridal-bouquet-Timmester-Photography DIY-antique-broch-bridal-bouquet-Timmester-Photography

Antique broach bridal bouquet

Photo Credit: Timmester Photography

From Laura and Megan: “Table numbers are a great place to get creative. Check out local stores like JoAnn fabrics, Home Depot or even antique stores for unique numbers. Its can be a fun way to compliment and enhance your centerpieces. Think about texture, theme, font or a vessel to be on.”


Nail art table numbers

Photo Credit: Timmester Photography

DIY-bird-nest-moss-wedding-table-numbers-Timmester-Photography  DIY-moss-escort-card-table-Timmester-Photography

Bird’s nest and moss table numbers + escort card table

Photo Credit: Timmester Photography


Photo frame table number

Photo Credit: Timmester Photography

From Laura and Megan: “Escort cards are my favorite place to make a statement. Its a great location to show who you are and how the wedding reception is going to be. Thinking out of the box like our clients did here, who actually handcrafted these little robots out of clay and then they could be used as picture holders after the wedding! Another client of ours took the whole wine cork idea to a new level and bought the wine cork shadow boxes from Bed Bath & Beyond and used it as a pin board for her escort cards. Not only was this far easier than dealing with wily, floppy cards sitting in corks but she can now have them in her home and use them on the wall. We are all about double duty, so if something can be used again then it absolutely feels worth the time and money!”


Robot escort cards + favors

Photo Credit: Timmester Photography


Wine cork escort card table

Photo Credit: Susan Solo Photography

From Megan and Laura: “Instead of doing a sand ceremony, these clients who are both engineers, mixed nuts and bolts at their ceremony! It was an awesome nod to their professions and made their vows much more personal.”


“Nuts and bolts” mixing ceremony

Photo Credit: Susan Solo Photography

From Laura and Megan: “Favors become even more special when they are wrapped like a present and our client here not only wrapped them but then got creative with the ribbons and did each of them differently. What a fun accent to the place setting it made in the end.”

DIY-wedding-wine-bottle-table-numbers-Ashbrook-Photography DIY-wedding-favor-place-setting-Laura-Ashbrook-Photography

 Wine bottle table numbers + favor place settings

Photo Credit: Laura Ashbrook Photography


Candy filled personalized mug favors

Photo Credit: Jan Michele Photography

From Megan and Laura: “The one place we always suggest not to do it yourself is the flowers. Unless you are getting married at home or have access to a venue for the entire night before and a refrigerator, then this is one place we really urge our clients to have a florist do it. Flowers are expensive, temperamental and need a lot of care to look properly done in a vase. Plus spending the entire day and night before your wedding knee deep in buckets of water and cut stems doesn’t sound relaxing before the most important day of your life. If you are adamant about doing the flowers yourself though, think about the type of flowers that a hardier, think about delivery time and water, and keep it simple. A cute boxwood shrub or a row of potted herbs looks just a chic as the next centerpiece!”


Thanks so much! I’m feeling so inspired and a lotta bit impressed with your client’s DIY skills! If you are looking for a wedding planner in the DC area, be sure to check out Events in the City. You can also find more local DIY weddings and projects on the blog and read our helpful tips for DIYing your wedding.

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