Today, I’m sharing a little wedding DIY idea for those walks back down the aisle or for your grand getaway at the end of the evening! I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of ribbon wands at weddings, but this has a little twist: tissue paper fringe wands! Ribbon can get expensive, but tissue paper is cheap and plentiful! You can find it in just about any color, and fringed and wrapped around a dowel it makes for a perfect wedding farewell.

DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Wedding Wands

Tissue Paper Fringe Wedding Wands Supplies

Supply List:

Tissue Paper
Tape and/or Glue
Bamboo Skewers or Wooden Dowels

To Make:

Cut strips of tissue paper about 6″ x 20″ and stack several on top of each other. Carefully fringe the pile, cutting long skinny strips and leaving about an inch attached at the end.

Tissue Paper Wedding Wands Fringe DIY Wedding Wands

Take your uncut edge and carefully wrap it around your skewer. You will have to twist and pull your fringe a little bit as it wraps around so it doesn’t get all bunched up. Take a small piece of tape and wrap around the tissue and dowel to secure. If you don’t think your tape is quite sticky enough to hold together, go ahead and add a dot of glue before you wrap the tape around. Sometimes you gotta pick tape based on it’s prettiness, not it’s functionality, right!?

DIY Fringe Wands for Weddings How to Make Wedding Wands

Place your wands in a jar at your ceremony or reception and make sure everyone has one for the big exit!

Wedding Wands DIY Fringe Wedding Wand DIY Tutorial

DIY Fringe Wedding Wands

All Photos by Kelly Lanza for United With Love

There you have it! A super cute, functional and affordable DIY idea for your wedding that you can make ahead of time. I can just see all the pretty wedding getaway pictures now! For more DIY ideas, you can follow my adventures at Studio DIY.

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