When it comes to weddings and flowers, it really helps to choose flowers that are in season. You might want a certain flower for your wedding in the fall, but if it isn’t in season it may be hard for your florist to find and it will be more expensive. So, what flowers are the best to use for weddings in the fall in the Washington, DC area?? I definitely don’t know, but I know a few local florists who do! I asked some of the best florists in the DC area not only what are the seasonal flowers to use, but also what types of flowers they wished brides and grooms would choose for fall weddings.

Orange Dahlia Fall Wedding Bouquet Orange and Purple Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Centerpiece

All Above Photo Credits: Genevieve Leiper Photography with flowers by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Holly, owner of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers:

“Dahlias, dahlias, dahlias, I love using dahlias in the fall. However, brides should be aware that this particular flower should come from a local grower. Ask if your florist has a local source. Dahlias do not like to make the typical journey most flowers make to get to a designer. I also love the different types of celotia and cockscomb. Brides should also consider hydrangea that has been antiqued, called “antique hydrangea.” The flowers are in a semi-dried state and a sage green tone takes over the bright color the bloom once was. Brides should also consider ornamental grasses and fun pods, fruits and berries. Peppers, Chinese lanterns and mini pumpkins on a stick are mighty fun in designs.”

orange-and-purple-fall-dc-wedding-flowers-gance&Simplicity-Carl-Bower-Photography orange-wedding-flowers-for-fall-Elegance&Simplicity-Carl-Bower-Photography

Photo Credits: Carl Bower Photographs with flowers by Elegance & Simplicity

Katie, owner of Elegance & Simplicity:

“For the fall, consider local hydrangea. There are some pretty, rustic colors – like deep reds and purples. Also, gorgeous dahlias are in season in the fall. We love the different shades of orange and the gorgeous burgundy blooms.”


Photo Credit: Anne Robert Photography with bouquet by B Floral & Event Design

Shelly, owner of B Floral & Event Design:

“We have so many options for great flowers in this area in the fall.  Some of my favorites are dahlias, and anything that has berries, especially rosehips. I wish brides would use more fall foliage. It adds so much color and drama and gives you the perfect fall feel!”

fall-wedding-floral-centerpiece-Bergerons-David-Madison-Photography fall-bridesmaid-bouquet-Bergerons-David-Madison-Photography

Photo Credits: David Madison Photography with florals by Bergeron’s Florist

Christi, president of Bergeron’s Florist:

“Dahlias, dahlias, dahlias. The colors and varieties are perfect for early fall weddings and are available from local growers, which really boosts our local economy. I, personally, love to help brides pick colors that are the norm when most think of fall:  eggplant, merlot, and plum are wonderful. Jewel-tones speak volumes and can offer such lush, rich undertones to the overall wedding. Fall brings to florists a huge variety of awesome textures: pods, berries, cockscomb celosia, leaves, artichokes, brassica, and feathers. Succulents in the darker colors are a great way to add textures to their wedding choices.”


Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography with bouquet by Petals and Promises

Lisa, owner of Petals and Promises:

“I especially love dahlias. Dahlias really shine in fall bridal bouquets and arrangements. They come in a wide variety of dark wines and rich tones of orange and yellow. They add a beautiful texture to a bridal bouquet and come in many varieties. There also are many shades of Calla Lilly in beautiful muted organic tones that add a touch of elegance to a fall palate. In addition, the roses of fall in deep burgundy, wine tones and reds are now joined by new rose varieties in a palate of rich reddish brown! I love to incorporate a bit of each of these blooms to my fall theme floral designs!”


Photo Credit: Borrowed Blue Photography with florals by EightTreeStreet

Maribel, from EightTreeStreet:

“I love working with Dahlias, Gerbera Daisies in reds and spicy oranges. I love adding some mums and  hydrangeas for texture as well as berries, and there’s nothing more exciting in the fall that jewel colored Calla Lilies, Sunflowers and roses. I add a little craspedia also for texture, so simple and they do add a modern touch. I would love for brides to include Dahlias in the bouquets, they are one of my favorite flowers. They can be playful, just sweet additions, and work beautifully paired in a rustic bouquet with burlap ribbon. If a bride wants something elegant, simple and modern, a bouquet of eggplant Calla lilies will be absolutely gorgeous. Mixing up natural accents for fall: berries, Fiddlehead Ferns, grasses, pine cones, among others, also gives bouquets that fall feeling. I love experimenting with new color palettes for fall, i.e. rust and brown with a blush and a pink, or purple with black with white and metallic accents; something different than traditional orange and red for fall.”

Purple and Green Fall Wedding Bouquet Purple Fall Wedding Flowers

Photo Credits: Amie Otto Photography with flowers by Petal’s Edge

Gerry and Rebecca, owners of Petal’s Edge:

“The best flowers in the DC area to use for fall are: dahlias; starting in October we can get ranunculus; any fun textures – coxcomb, many kinds of pods and berries; orchids; gloriosa; lilies; pin cushion protea; and crocosmia. I wish couples would be be more creative with what fall can be – it’s not just red/orange and yellow.  You can put a fall spin on many colors, such as purples, blues, greens, hot pinks and so on.  But, it’s also fun do go really rustic with things like sunflowers and black eyed susans and other traditionally fall and true to the local garden flowers, something we don’t see much of in the DC area.”


What flowers will you be using for your fall wedding?

For more information on DC-area floral designers, check out our vendor guide! Looking for more floral inspiration? Check out the galleries, too!

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