Attention to detail and personal touches are what make your wedding day a reflection of you as a couple, as well as a unique and memorable event—and seating is one detail you don’t want to miss! From place cards and seating arrangements, the actual seats themselves can easily be overlooked. Today, we have Julia of Social Tables sharing some fun, summer-inspired ideas for seating at your wedding. So, forget ordinary chairs and get ready to be inspired! Take it away, Julia…


It’s summer which means more outdoor weddings in the DC metro area! We are looking forward to seeing what creative seating options brides and planners come up with for these hot weather events. We’ve seen a trend when it comes to not only seating arrangements (spiral seating) but also the “chair” that they are seated in. Here are 5 of our favorite unique seating options for summer weddings or events!

Hay Bales
First, the infamous and increasingly popular, hay bale seating. This is perfect for a rustic feel and can be easily decorated. Not the most comfortable choice, a “rustic couch” with back support can be more comfortable than many rented chairs. Plus, if it fits with your theme it can be inexpensive and fun!

Photo Credit: Eli Weddings; Styling: Rex & Regina Events from Farm Wedding Ideas Shoot

One of our favorites hasn’t been seen much yet but we love it: Swing seating! What a fun way to have seating for cocktail hour or casual reception seating especially if planning a park or forest wedding. Plus, you can change up the fabric and colors easily.

Photo Credits: DarkerShadesofBrown Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Planning a barbeque or casual wedding? Bench seating would be perfect or even mixing and matching bench seating with chairs for a more eccentric look. Throw a nice quilt or material that matches the theme on some of the benches for a touch of color.

Photo Credits: Kurt Boomer Photography via Ruffled

Lounge Seating
Another one of our favorite trends is the rise of lounge seating! There are so many fun ways to mix this up for different events. There’s the elegant approach or the mystical approach. Lounge arrangements are a great setup for most any events and cocktail hour at weddings. Comfort all around with this chic, sociable seating.

Photo Credits: Eli Turner Studios from Unique Wedding Furniture Inspiration

Picnic Blankets + Fabrics
Finally, we have picnic seating, it is summer after all why not enjoy a little nature? Once again match the fabrics and blankets with your wedding’s theme. Talk about easy setup, this is perfect for a fun outdoor wedding.

Photo Credits: Rebekah J. Murray from Kate + Brian’s Engagement

What do you think of these unique ideas? Are there any other creative seating options you’ve seen?


Thank you so much for your seating tips, Julia!  If you are having assigned seating, you’ll definitely want to check out the easy-to-use event planning software from the DC-based website Social Tables! This would also be a great tool for all of our wedding planner friends out there!

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