When you all so generously took the time to fill out our reader survey, we learned that you guys really like your DIYs. Lucky for you, so do I! Today I’m sharing with you a super simple tutorial for making your own wedding favor bags. These are great for holding candy from a candy bar, a home-baked cookie from a family recipe, or any other non-edible favor you may be gifting! They’d also make fun and fancy menu holders or envelopes for bridal shower invitations. Oh, the options are endless! Just the way a wedding DIY should be!



Treat Bags (You can find a great selection on Shop Sweet Lulu)
Embroidery Floss or Baker’s Twine


To Make:

First cut out your hearts (or other shapes!) from cardstock. You will need two per bag. Fold over your bag to make a guideline so you know where to place your hearts. Place your first heart about an inch below the flap you’ve created and poke a hole (with an awl or other sharp object) through both the heart and the top layer of your bag. Slip your brad through both your heart and the hole in the bag and secure

washington-dc-wedding-diy-favor-bags diy-stripe-wedding-favor-bags

Repeat these same steps for the next heart, again make sure you only poke through the top layer of the flap (You want to be able to open the bag!).

diy-favor-bags-tutorial diy-favor-bag-tutorial

Cut a length of embroidery floss or baker’s twine. Tie it in a knot around the top brad to secure. Fill bags as desired and wrap the string around the hearts to close!

diy-stripe-favor-bags diy-wedding-favor-bags

All Photos by Kelly Lanza for United With Love

What would you fill these favor bags with for your wedding? Or would you use them for something else entirely!?

You can visit our  DIY wedding inspiration posts if your are looking for more helpful inspiration, or browse our DC area wedding galleries for loads more ideas and colorful options!

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