To kick the summer off after a great holiday weekend, we have the ultimate summer wedding treat! ‘Tis the season for outdoor fetes and grilling, and with grilling, there’s only one treat that comes to mind: s’mores! Though camping and s’mores go hand in hand, these classic camping treats are a perfect year ’round wedding dessert. Today, Tabitha Roberts of Roberts & Co. Events shares a DIY wedding tutorial – with Procopio Photography capturing all the yummy details – for creating this simple, fun dessert at your own wedding! (BTW – to see one of Tabitha’s s’more’s bar in action check out this Virginia wedding!)

Turn up the heat on your wedding dessert table by adding this campfire classic – minus the campfire, of course! Take it away, Tabitha…

One of my favorite things to plan for my clients is dessert tables and favor bars. There is such a variety in options so that each client has a table that is unique to their style and guests always go nuts over the yummy favors. Choosing the theme for a great favor or dessert bar is often the easiest part, because there is often an underlying theme to every wedding. The hard part is always choosing the food to fill it with, since there are so many amazing treats and mouthwatering snacks! I often challenge myself and my clients to try something that is a little different and out of the ordinary, as guests often want to be “wowed” at a wedding. DIY s’mores tables have become quite the popular trend and I will tell you the steps to making your own great table!

The Basics of S’mores
To create a great s’mores bar at your wedding, make sure that there are lots of options for your guests to create really unique s’more combinations. Start with the basics of the classic s’more, which are graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and then branch out from there. A great place to find unique flavors of marshmallows is Sweet Lydias. She not only creates prepackaged s’mores, but sells her delicious variety of marshmallow flavors such as toasted coconut, mocha, peppermint chip, and pumpkin spice which can be added to your dessert bar!

Unique Ingredients + Flavors
Other flavors that are always a great success, beyond traditional milk chocolate, are peanut butter cups, cookies & cream bars, Ghirardelli chocolate squares with fillings such as caramel, raspberry, and cream. For the graham crackers, give your guests options such as chocolate and cinnamon-sugar flavored. If you really want to create a “wow,” add in bowls of cinnamon and slices of fresh strawberries or bananas.

Campfire Must Haves
The two necessary tools to pull off a s’mores station at a wedding are heat and roasting sticks. Since most wedding venues do not have access to an open flame or a bonfire area, we choose to use disposable Sterno cooking fuel cans which can be found at any big box store for a relatively inexpensive price. Make sure to have several fire sources on the table for multiple guests to be able to roast their marshmallows at one time. The safest way to use Sterno cans is to place them in a bed of rocks to keep the heat from the cans from damaging their holders or the table. Roasting sticks can be found at any grocery store, and always have a place for guests to dispose of their used sticks. Always check with your wedding venue before deciding on hosting your own food bar and check to see if they have restrictions on what you can bring in or the fire source.

Finishing Touches
One of the last tricks to pulling together a great table is the details and accents. Add height to your table with risers, cake plates, cupcake stands and tall apothecary jars. This will keep the table from looking flat. With the table setting seen in this post, we used a mixture of textures and containers to make it feel “eclectic and vintage” to match the rustic barn wedding it was created for. Thrift stores and vintage shops such as Luckett’s General Store are perfect for scouting table props, like the trough used on this table to house the heating burners.

No table is ever complete until the finishing touches, such as labels and ribbons, are added for that extra bit of pizzazz. By using the couple’s monogram or design palette, I’m able to add pops of color to the table and bring the whole design full circle. Using a range of fonts and colors, Mary Coppola Creative Solutions created labels for our s’more table to let guests know what they would be eating.

More Tips & Tricks:

  • Always do a mockup of your table before hand to make sure all containers are the right size and fit for the table you are using. Taking photos of your mockup with help your wedding coordinator setup the table to your specifications exactly the day of the event.
  • Don’t feel that you must put out all of the food items at one time. Your wedding planner or site coordinator can refill and cleanup the table as needed. This will keep it from looking overstuffed or sloppy.
  • For  brides on a budget or DIY challenged, just add a great printed linen to the table to add in color and keep the décor simple and let the food be the show stopper.
  • Offer containers to your guests so that they can take your treats home with you at the end of the night.


Yum! Now, who is hungry?? Thank you so much Tabitha for putting this together and for giving us such great tips for putting together a s’mores table or any type of wedding table! And, don’t forget to check out Krista and Jonathan’s wedding in Virginia where Tabitha put together a delicious looking s’mores bar!

The following Washington, D.C. area wedding vendors contributed to this photo shoot:

Styling + Coordination: Roberts & Co. Events
Fabrics + Linens:  Jo-ann Fabric and Craft
Photography: Procopio Photography
Stationary:  Mary Coppola Creative Solutions

You can visit our  DIY wedding inspiration posts if your are looking for more helpful inspiration, or browse our DC area wedding galleries for loads more ideas and colorful options!

Roberts & Co. Events and Procopio Photography are two of our fabulous sponsors, but did not pay for this post. We feature local talent because we love it!  For information on our editorial policies, please click here.


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