Hang onto your hats today, you might not like what I’m about to say! A bit ago, I gave a speech at a bridal show in Baltimore about wedding blog burnout and inspiration overload. I thought it might be helpful to pull the highlights and share ‘em with you (whether you want to hear it or not)! If you are a reader of this blog or any wedding blog, you might be suffering from wedding blog burnout too.


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What is inspiration overload? This means being so overwhelmed with the insane amount of wedding inspiration and ideas that you can’t see straight. It means you’ve called your florist and changed your bouquet three times now. And, you’ve switch colors on your invitations because you keep seeing new ideas on a blog. Changes like this are expensive, time consuming and frustrating for you and the wedding vendors that you’ve hired.

While wedding blogs and wedding pictures are pretty and gorgeous, at a certain point in your planning process: enough is enough.

Please don’t get me wrong. It is an honor for me to share so many love stories each week. I love helping couples find the right vendors for their DC, Maryland or Virginia wedding and inspiring them to try new things. But, I wouldn’t be a good editor if I didn’t tell you that there is a definite time in your wedding planning process where you need to step back and say “I’m done!”

I don’t mean, I’m done as in I’m not doing anymore work. I mean, I’m done as in I’m done spending hours on wedding blogs and pouring over magazines. I’ve made my choices and now I’m done with the inspiration and the ideas. This is the time to enjoy your engagement period for what it really is: I’m getting married to the best person in the world and I can’t wait to live our life together.

Once you’ve made your choices, throw out the magazines and stop stalking the blogs. At this point, there is no such thing as looking just for fun. There is just too much inspiration. It will suck your time and your money. The week before your wedding you don’t need to add extra favors just because you saw them on a blog and it looked pretty and really easy.

If you don’t want to be one of “those” couples who says a before their wedding, “Ugh, I just want it to be over and to be married all ready” then it all starts at the beginning.

Before you start planning, you need to start with a solid sense of yourself and your fiance. What do you like? What is important to you? Once you define who you are, then you can start picking a theme or colors or whatever else based about who you are as a couple.

If you don’t start with a solid sense of self, you are doomed to fail. There is nothing more fake than having a vintage themed wedding because you saw a professionally styled, completely over the top vintage themed shoot on a blog last week. Yes, it was gorgeous. It was supposed to be! But, is that you? Maybe it is. Maybe you like to go antique hunting with your fiance on the weekends. If so, more power to you. Throw that vintage wedding. But, if you aren’t “vintage” and you just thought, “Wow that was some scrumptious eye candy,” then don’t do it. Go for who you two are.

Before you go pinning a bunch of mis-matched, but gorgeous, ideas of things you think you love onto your wedding board on Pinterest, take some time to think about who you are and who you are as a couple. I suggest you create two boards on Pinterest. One for the pretty stuff that you lust after, and one board for the things that are actually you and helpful to planning your wedding.

Your inspiration board or style sheet should only be about 15-20 pictures at most. Any more than that and you have too many thoughts. It becomes a muddled mess. Edit your choices down to just the few that you love and that are practical and applicable to your wedding. And, then start building your own wedding around the inspiration bits that you love.

I love wedding blogs for the gorgeous places full of love that they are. With United With Love, I didn’t want to just create another blog full of pretty pictures. I really wanted to build a local DC area specific wedding resource that would actually help couples plan their wedding in this area. The blog was started to answer a very simple question: What are the things that engaged couples in the DC area need help with when planning their wedding?

So, as plan your wedding, I know that you’ll find tons and tons of inspiration. I invite you to come to United With Love and look around a lot! I hope that you find it helpful. I hope that you find it inspirational. And, most importantly, I hope that once you find what you are looking for, you stop reading!

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