If you are like me and always fretting about your hair, then today is your lucky day! We have all of your wedding day hair questions answered and then some! (BTW, if you need ideas, I’ve been creating this Pinterest board of great wedding hair styles!) Giselle, super fabulous DC area wedding hair stylist, is here today to give us the inside tips that you need to know when it comes to your hair on your wedding day. We are talking the few things that you can do to make your life (and your hair stylist’s life) a whole lot easier on wedding day! Take it away, Giselle

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Photo Credit:  Katie Stoops Photography from this shoot

Book Early
Be sure to book your wedding hair stylist in advance! When wedding season comes along, it is very hectic—and unfortunately often times I have to turn away weddings because I’m already booked. I recommend booking your stylist at least 6 months to a year in advance.

Trial Runs are Important
Nail out all details during trial runs, so on wedding day both you and your stylist know what to expect. I recommend doing two trial runs before wedding day. The first trial run, we get to know each other and what styles you are interested in. The second trial run is when we sort out all of the details for how your hair will look wedding day with accessories and head piece.

About Your Maids
Have your bridesmaid pick out their hair styles before your wedding day. Typically, your bridesmaids don’t have trial runs for their hair. (Unless they want one, of course.) Having your bridesmaids pick out styles beforehand and well as bring pictures will saves a ton of stress and time!

Arrive Ready
Arrive with hair ready to go! Be sure to have your hair ready to go when your stylist arrives. If you are having your hair in an up-do, shampoo and condition the night before (unless your hair is oily, then you can shampoo and light condition the morning of.) Be sure to have your hair dry. It can be blown out, but do not flat iron. If any flat ironing is needed, your stylist will handle it!

Get a Kit
Have a designated bridesmaid or friend to keep your hair “emergency kit” handy! If you work with me, I will give you an kit that contains hairspray and extra bobby pins for touch ups (if needed) throughout the day.

Washington-dc-wedding-hair-designer-Giselle-Katie-Stoops-Photogrraphy DC-wedding-hair-stylist-Giselle-Katie-Stoops-Photogrraphy

Photo Credit:  Katie Stoops Photography from this shoot

Thank you so much, Giselle for setting us straight in the wedding hair department! If you are looking for a hair stylist in the DC area for your wedding, be sure to check out Giselle.


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