For a perfect addition to your invitation suite, custom hand illustrated maps are a charming and unique complement. Whether you plan on using these gorgeous crea­­tions as a save the date card or as part of your formal invitation, hand-drawn maps are sure to impress your guests. And, be a keepsake that you’ll cherish forever! Wedding details have always caught my eye, so when I saw these gorgeous maps by Baltimore calligrapher and illustrator, Laura Condouris of Trial by Cupcakes, I was absolutely thrilled. Today, she shares some tips on how to incorporate these hand drawn beauties into your wedding and what to consider including on them. These custom maps show where you’ve come from and where you finally will come together for your wedding. Take it away, Laura

I find maps are used for everything from a feature on a couple’s wedding website, to inclusion in gift bags, to being printed on tote bags, napkins, and other goodies.

The originals (which are usually around 11 x 14″, and painted on 100% cotton archival paper) are often framed at a table at the wedding itself, and then hung at the couple’s home afterward as a reminder of the big day.

That’s why it’s always nice when people include places of significance to them that aren’t necessarily wedding related, like a first date restaurant, proposal locale, family home, Alma Mater, or even a favorite coffee shop.


I can’t stop admiring the details and gorgeous art work! Thank you so much Laura for sharing these custom wedding maps! For more hand illustrated wedding maps and calligraphy, be sure to check out Trial by Cupcakes!


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