The Internet is an endless source of wedding inspiration (or sometimes procrastination!) and has certainly proven to be pretty darn useful when it comes to planning your big day. We’ve talked about how inspiration boards instantly bring your ideas to life, but if you thought that creating one was left for the tech savvy Photoshop users, then today we’re here to prove you wrong! Courtney, event planner and owner of A Sweet Soiree Events, returns today to share a tutorial on creating an inspiration board for yourself.

If you haven’t read her first post, be sure to go back here and do that right now, we’ll wait! And, yes, we suggest making an inspiration board to help bring your wedding vision to life. Like this gorgeous yellow vineyard wedding board that Courtney created below. Isn’t is beautiful!? Take it away, Courtney…

Above Photo Credits:
Bowtie: High Cotton – Candles: via Apartment Therapy – Place cards: via Project Wedding
Cake: Hendrickson Photography  – Chairs: The Good Earth – Drink Stand: via 100 Layer Cake
Tables: via Grey Likes Weddings  – Invitation: Minted –Shoes: Caroline Joy Photography – Bouquet: FTD


We’ve already covered the importance of having the inspiration board in your wedding planner toolkit. Today, we will elaborate on that topic and share some instructions of how to create them yourself.


First, you’ll want to begin using some resources for collecting photos that inspire you. Luckily, the Internet is a goldmine for this if done strategically. To avoid photo overload, it’s best to commit to keeping and organizing all of your photos in one place. I have found the easiest place to be Pinterest, which can be briefly described as a virtual pinboard. Think of it as your trusty, over-sized cork board clippings, but on the web and easily organized into categories. Not to mention, you can invite and follow your friends (adding a social networking aspect) where you can share and share alike. Additionally, add Pinterest’s “Pin It” bookmark-let to your bookmarks bar and then you can click it when on any website and easily add the photos on that page and, of course, there is also an app for that. (In fact, you can follow United with Love’s Pinterest here!)

Mix It Up

I encourage you to collect a variety of photos. Everything from place settings, place cards, centerpieces, cakes, shoes, accessories, gowns, hairstyles, and even home décor will prove to be useful. When you begin to piece together your board, you’ll appreciate the diverse inclusion of photos instead of having, for example, only floral photographs.

Familiarize Yourself with PowerPoint

Next, the easiest program to use to put them together is Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar program. For this tutorial, we will be referencing instructions for PowerPoint 2010:

  • Choose your page’s orientation by visiting the “Design” tab, clicking on “Slide Orientation” and then selecting either Portrait or Landscape. (FYI, PowerPoint usually defaults to landscape.)
  • Return to the “Home” tab, click on “Layout” and choose the “Blank” option which will remove any pre-formatted boxes from the slide.
  • Begin inserting your photos. So, from your pins, simply right click on the image, select “copy,” go back to PowerPoint, right click on your slide and choose “paste”.
  • To resize the photos, simply click on the photo, and then drag in or out the corners of the image. You can also click on the image, hold the click, and then use the mouse to move the image around on the slide. Simply un-click when you get the photo where you’d like. If you need to layer or overlap your photos, right click on the photo and choose “send to front” or “bring to back” to make one photo stand out over another.

Once your photos are arranged on the slide as you like, next we will need to save the board. First, go to the “File” tab and choose “Save As.” Name your board and save the PowerPoint presentation. Next, we will save the board as a JPEG (photo). Choose “Save As” again on the “File” tab and where it says, “Save as Type” beneath the file name, open the drop down box and scroll down to choose “JPEG File Interchange Format.” Name the file the same as your presentation and save the file. A pop-up box will appear and choose “current slide only.”

Viola! Your inspiration board is born!

Now, if all of this seems too intense or complicated, there are some other resources that you can use although they might not provide as many picture choices as you might prefer. The KnotStyle Me Pretty, and WeddingWire all have their versions available to anyone that signs up on their site and all three resources are free.

I’m happy to answer any of your board troubleshooting issues you may have if you comment below!


Hooray for inspiration boards made easy! If you are in the market for a wedding planner in the D.C. area or need help gathering all of those wedding ideas together, be sure to check out Courtney and A Sweet Soiree Events.


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