I know you’ve heard of Baltimore’s famed Charm City Cakes from their show on Food Network. But, did you know that they are also building quite the rep locally for their amazingly beautiful and gorgeously inspired wedding cakes? When they aren’t being biggger and badder and more awesome (or however that line went?!), the team at Charm City Cakes is busy designing and baking cakes for weddings all over in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

To show off their summer collection of wedding cake designs, Charm City Cakes recently hosted party at their Baltimore bake shop. It was a fashion show of cake, for sure! It was really incredible to see the cakes up close. They are truly works of art! You won’t find electronics and fireworks in wedding these cakes, I promise. Thankfully, Astrid was there to take pictures of the cake designs and inspiration boards so I could just look…and eat!


baltimore-wedding-cake-couture-design-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-7


baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-11 baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-12


baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-16 baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-23


baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-27 baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-46



baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-40 baltimore-wedding-cake-black-white-polka-dot-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography


baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-30 baltimore-wedding-cake-colorful-flowers-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography


baltimore-wedding-cake-white-couture-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography-41


baltimore-wedding-cake-gold-sequins-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography baltimore-wedding-cake-Charm-City-Cakes-Astrid-Photography


So, what do you think?! Could you pick just one?? Lucky for you, Charm City Cakes is ready and waiting to make one of these gorgeous cakes for your DC area wedding. And, yes, they taste better than they look…I can assure you of that! Don’t think I went up to Baltimore and didn’t taste every single flavor!) If you are in the market for a wedding cake, be sure to consider Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.

The following Maryland wedding vendors contributed to this cake fashion show:

Venue + Cake Designs: Charm City Cakes
Photography: {a}strid photography
Invitations: Trial by Cupcakes
Cuisine: Patchwork Catering
Florals: Blue Sage Floral Design
Rentals: Select Event Rentals
Herbal Cocktails: Ashley North Compton
Cake Stands: Sarah’s Stands
Libations: The Wine Source

Charm City Cakes and {a}strid photography are a few of our fabulous sponsors.  For information on our editorial policies, please click here.

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