Vintage inspirations in wedding décor and design are everywhere you look! To incorporate the vintage atmosphere in your event, furniture pieces are essential. While some of you may be collectors or have easy access to vintage pieces from family and friends, for others, the hunt for these key elements may be difficult. Meet Angela Mangione, owner of Rusty Love Vintage Rentals, who we’ve called on for advice on incorporating vintage rentals into your wedding décor. Whether it be a rustic table or a vintage sofa, the perfect piece can make all the difference! Take it away, Angela

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

My best tips for anyone wanting to incorporate vintage into their wedding is to do the unexpected and think outside the box! Have at least one piece or set-up that will leave your guests talking! This is the biggest event you will ever throw, so step outside your comfort zone and do something that will make it stand out from everyone else.

Reflect Your Personal Style

When it comes to design, there are no rules, but make it reflect your own personal style. Don’t be afraid to mix vintage with modern. I think right now vintage is the new modern since every design show, magazine, catalog, etc. has a vintage piece or a reproduction piece incorporated.

Photo Credits: Bradley Images

The Perfect Picture

Every bride should have at least one photo done on a piece of upholstered furniture, whether it’s a settee, fainting sofa (chaise lounge), or a tufted arm chair, they make for great pictures! When you look at your wedding pictures thirty years from now, a photo like that will still be classic!

Hire a Stylist

My biggest piece of advice is to hire an event planner, but one that is a stylist! It’s so easy to pick out photos of what you like, but trying to put everything together yourself is extremely overwhelming.  You don’t need to hire the most expensive stylist, just someone creative. A stylist should be worked into your wedding budget just as much as a photographer or DJ would be. If someone can bring your vision to life and leave your guest in awe, it will be so worth it in the end!


Thank you so much, Angela! If you are in the market for rentals for your Washington, D.C. area wedding, be sure to check out Rusty Love Vintage Rentals for more information about their wedding rentals.

In the meantime, check out our inspiration galleries and advice page for even more from the local DC, MD and VA area pros who make it all happen.

Photo Credits: Bradley Images of pieces from Rusty Love Vintage Rentals

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