In the category of interesting and fun things that local people are doing, let me introduce you to Trip Me Not. If you are scared about tripping on your dress or stumbling down the aisle, then you are in luck. Sarah, the owner and inventor of Trip Me Not, had the same concerns as a DC bride herself. She created a wedding dress training device to help you practice before the big day.


Photo Courtesy of Trip Me Not

Trip Me Not is an adjustable skirt that goes over your regular clothes with a “train” to simulate a wedding dress. You can order one of these babies and practice walking, spinning and turning until your heart’s desire. You can even use it to practice dancing to your first song. (Ideal if you are taking dance lessons!) Here are a few other tips, courtesy of Sarah, for walking down that aisle:

Mind the Gap
If someone is walking you down the aisle, remind them that they need to stand close enough to hook arms with you, but far enough not to step on the side of your dress or train. The same goes for walking back down the aisle post-nuptials.  Walking close, but far is harder than it looks!

Its Not a Race
Practice with your partner/escort, so both of you can get a feel for the pace. You want to savor the moment and allow everyone to see and enjoy you. If you rush down the aisle, you’ll be gone before your friends can get their iPhones out of their pocket. The typical pace is is surprisingly slow. You can’t walk slow enough!

Wait for the Train
Teach your partner/escort, to be mindful of your train, especially when turning around corners, or going up and down stairs. If they step on your train, you’ll go flying!

No doubt your wedding dress, will be the third wheel in your relationship on your wedding day. But, hey, fashion hurts!

Avoid wedding dress disasters and check out the Trip Me Not online or locally at Soliloquy Bridal in Herndon, VA. We won’t tell anyone if you wear it around the house! And, if you are still on the hunt for that perfect dress to trip over, be sure to check out our extensive list of the area’s best bridal shops.

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