You remember Kyle and John’s modern wedding that we featured a few weeks ago?  Who could forget Kyle’s unbelievable wedding dress?  Well, we have a little follow-up treat for you today.  Wendy of Weswen Design shared Kyle and John’s white, black and teal wedding invitations suite with us.  Once you see these modern invitations then check out their real wedding feature again, one word comes to mind:  fun!  This couple clearly knows how to have a good time and were able to infuse their personalities into every detail of their wedding, including their invitations.


From Kyle:  “John and I wanted out invites to set the mood for our wedding day and reflect who we were as couple.  When countless Google searches left us empty handed, we decided to reach out to Wendy at to create something truly unique.  At our first consultation, I was even more confused, because there wasn’t anything remotely close to what I was imagining.  Wendy proposed the idea of a tri-fold invitation with a perforated response card and some fun/funk frames.  Sadly, all we could offer for direction was that we wanted something contemporary and fun.  We told Wendy to have fun with it!  To our surprise when Wendy sent over our first design to review about a week later and she nailed it.  The invites were quirky, like us, but still elegant enough for a wedding.  (One little secret… we had a “naughty” and “nice” set of invites for those without a sense of humor!)”


From Wendy:  “Kyle and John came to me because they wanted something unique and different for their wedding invitation. Right away, I knew they didn’t take themselves too seriously, and knew that their invitation should reflect their event and how much fun they were!  When I found out they were getting married in an art gallery, the wheels started spinning.  The bride fell in love with the idea of a tri-fold format where the RSVP card could be ripped off and mailed back.  It’s great to work on different formats for wedding invitations since they can be so fun and unique.”




More from Wendy:  “Instead of treating the wording of their invitation in a more formal way, I chose to block out each section of information in a frame, to mimic the idea of an art gallery.  However, my favorite part was the wording on their RSVP card, which was so funny!  Apparently, they received funny comments written by their guests when they RSVP’d, which led to a great keepsake for the bride and groom!  It’s definitely something to think about when working on your invitation, it doesn’t need necessarily need to be the traditional wording we’re so used to seeing.”




From Kyle:  “Our invites have been one of the highlights of our wedding day and we are so thankful we went with a custom design.  You can tell by our response post cards that the objective to set the mood was well received.  Most of our guests left us the sweetest, hilarious and fun messages for us.”



How fun!?  These invitations just make me happy looking at them!  If you are in the mood for custom designed wedding invitations or just want to learn more about the process, be sure to check out Wendy’s website or browse our full list of local wedding stationers.

All photos courtesy of the bride, Kyle

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