Consigning – either buying our selling – is popular among brides today.  Brides can find gorgeous wedding gowns at great prices through consignment shops.  And, on the flip side, brides are opting to selling their wedding dress after their wedding rather than hold onto it for years and years.  If you think you might opt for wedding dress consignment, check out today’s advice from Linda at Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria.  (You can read her first post on how to purchase a consigned gown here.)  Linda gives us great tips for those wishing to sell their wedding dress post wedding.  Take it away, Linda…

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Increasingly, brides are realizing that their future daughters are PROBABLY not going to want to wear their old wedding gowns, and are opting instead to resell their gowns online or through bridal consignment shops.  Instead of having your gown take up valuable storage space in your attic, why not give another bride-to-be the opportunity to wear her dream gown down the aisle?  I personally like to say that every bride deserves her dream gown, and every gown deserves a second chance at love at first sight.  Here are some tips on how to consign your gown, and what to expect.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Even if you’re NOT consigning, ALWAYS have your gown professionally cleaned after your wedding.  If you are going to be reselling your gown, you will be expected to have had the gown professionally cleaned, regardless of how you choose to sell it. In any case, discoloration and spotting can start to occur if your gown isn’t cared for properly after having worn it (hence why people pay hundreds of dollars to go the extra mile and have gowns preserved if they DO decide to hold onto them).

Keep Your Paperwork
Consignment shops will require you to provide some sort of proof of original purchase in order to consign the gown.  This ensures accurate pricing of the gown for resale.

Go Local
Whenever possible, consign your gown to a storefront shop, rather than selling it online.  Consigning your gown to a shop that specializes in sample and once-wed gowns will GREATLY increase your chances of selling your gown.  Obviously, a bride will always opt to be able to try on a gown in person before purchasing it over blindly committing to it based on photos seen online.  You’ll be splitting the final resale price with the shop, but you are basically paying them for far greater exposure, in addition to any photographing and online marketing they will be doing for you.

What can you expect when consigning?
Generally, different consignment shops have different criteria for which gowns they will or will not accept (original price, age, condition, etc.).  In terms of pricing, most once-wed or sample gowns are priced anywhere from 30-60% off the original retail price of the gown to start.  Brand new, never worn gowns are priced somewhere between 15-25% off the original retail price.  Like most consignment shops, the split between the consignor and the shop when the gown sells will usually be 50/50 of the resale price.

Hold on to your veil. Or your jewelry. Or your headpiece.
If you’re still on the fence about consigning your gown for sentimental reasons (“but maybe, JUST MAYBE, my daughter WILL actually want to wear my gown!”), consider holding onto your veil or jewelry from your big day instead.  Even now, it is becoming popular for brides to wearing their mothers’ veils.  Veils aren’t really something that go out of style, or change drastically over time.  Holding onto something truly timeless like a beautiful veil or stunning jewelry makes much more sense than holding onto a gown that will most likely sit in your attic, till death do you part.


Thank you so much, Linda!  If selling your wedding gown is up your post-wedding alley, be sure to visit Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria’s website for more information.  And, if you are looking for a fabulous dress at a fraction of the price, you too can visit Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria to purchase a wedding dress on consignment, and don’t miss Linda’s first post on how to purchase a consigned gown here.

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