Who should sit next to who?!  If you are thinking about doing assigned seating at your wedding, then we have the goods for you today.  We have a few tips to get you started and an online tool that will make everything easier!  It can be confusing to know which guests to put where, especially if you are having 100 or more.  And, it can be tough to organize it all in order to get that pretty escort table arranged perfectly!  Enter Social TablesSocial Tables is an online tool that you can easily use to organize your guests and seat them in the right spot for your wedding.  While anyone in the world can use Social Tables, we would just like to point out that they are based in DC – hooray for local companies!  Today we have Dan from Social Tables to give us a few quick tips for seating your guests at your wedding.  Take it away, Dan…

Elegant-Charlottesville-Virginia-Vineyard-Wedding-Peach-Cork-Escort-Cards-275x412 Elegant-Charlottesville-Virginia-Vineyard-Wedding-Peach-Escort-Card-Table-275x412

Photo Credit:  Katie Stoops Photography from Anca + Walker’s wedding

1.  Make it easy for guests to find their seat!  There are many creative options for escort cards and place cards, but make sure they are easy to spot and easy to read.

2.  Give the guests some breathing room. I t might be better to make the floral arrangements a little smaller so the guests can see each other.  Also, consider using a 5.5′ round instead of the standard 5′ to seat 8 guests and a 6′ round to seat 9 guests.

3.  For the head table, traditionally the groom is seated to the right of the bride and guests are alternated female – male.  Some couples are switching this up and making a “sweetheart’s table” with just the two of them instead.  Also, you can make the head table stand out by adding different floral or a great backdrop.

4.  Seat the elderly, pregnant or those with small children near the exit and bathrooms.  Also, seating the elderly or hard of hearing near where the speeches will be is advisable.

5.  Seat husbands and wives next to each other at a round table and across from each other at a rectangular table.  Long-form tables are on the rise for trendy couples!


Photo Credit:  Documentary Associates from Mai + Mark’s wedding

Thank you so much for your seating tips!!  If you are having assigned seating, yo can explore Social Tables‘ website and easy-to-use software.  We think you are going to love it!  This would also be a great tool for all of our wedding planner friends out there!

If you are looking for more advice from the pros in the metro DC area, be sure to check out our page full of advice.


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