Pantone set the design world on fire this week (literally) when they announced their pick for 2012’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango! Oh yes, this vibrant red-orange hue is going to be abound throughout fashion, home decor and, of course, weddings. Luckily past brides around these parts have already jumped on the orange bandwagon, infusing it through their wedding’s flowers, accessories, paper goods and more. The options are endless and we’re excited to see how you newly engaged brides plan to use this fiery color too!


Photo Credit: Emily Chastain Photography

orange-sign orange-chair-decor

Photo Credits: Studio Juno (left), Allison & Chris Britton Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Timmester Photography


Photo Credit: Mike Lesnick Photography

groomsmen-orange-socks orange-wedding-shoes

Photo Credits: Gabe Aceves Photography


Photo Credit: Allison & Chris Britton Photography

orange-bridesmaid-dress orange-wedding-flowers

Photo Credits: Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography


Photo Credit: Joyeuse Photography

orange-and-gray-bouquet orange-dahlias

Photo Credits: Vicki Grafton Photography (left), Mary Kate McKenna Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay Photography

orange-centerpieces orange-book-centerpieces

Photo Credits: Eli Turner Studios (left), Studio Juno (right)


Photo Credit: Documentary Associates via Elegance & Simplicity

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