Happy Engagement Season! The holiday months also mark the height of engagement season and for all you newly engaged locals out there looking to plan a photo session to celebrate, we’re here to help. We asked photographers in the area to tell us what their favorite spots were for engagement photos and man did they deliver! From urban backdrops to open vineyards, the DC/MD/VA has it all covered, so take a peek and find out why photographers love these locales!

On the Capitol, “Shooting at the Capitol is the consummate DC photography backdrop.  No place in the world has such an iconic building that singularly speaks to a location.  And so picturesque…” – Chris Zarconi Photography


Photo Credit: Chris Zarconi Photography

On the National Gallery of Art, “We love shooting there because it’s a beautiful, bright space with unique backgrounds and architecture.” – Maria Vicencio Photography.



Photo Credits: Maria Vicencio Photography

On the Lincoln Memorial, “For couples seeking a location that is very identifiably DC, there are few better spots for an engagement session than the Lincoln Memorial. Not only does it offer gorgeous views — especially at sunrise — of the reflecting pool, Washington Monument and Capitol, the steps and memorial itself are very picturesque and there are some lovely riverfront spots just a short walk away.” – Jennifer McMenamin Photography


Photo Credit: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

On Georgetown’s Dumbarton Oaks Park, “It’s one of the most unique locations in the area, especially for a romantic Secret Garden-like storybook feel. It’s rarely busy, often different, but always perfect.” – Rebekah J. Murray Photography

dumbarton-oaks-park-engagement dumbarton-oaks-park-engagement-session

Photo Credits: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

On downtown Baltimore, “Lots of interesting, old spots to explore, lots of color, urban esq and the also added benefit of being by the water.” – Kate Haus Photography



Photo Credits: Kate Haus Photography

On the Naval Academy, “Everybody shoots in Annapolis, but not many people venture onto the Academy itself. Between the footbridge and the awesome water access, there are also a number of really unique building interiors.” – Emily Chastain Photography


Photo Credits: Emily Chastain Photography

On Old Town Alexandria, “I love Historic Prince Street’s Cobblestone Road in Old Town Alexandria. I also love the yellow wall of the Big Wheels bike shop in Old Town.” –Vicki Grafton Photography

old-town-alexandria-engagement-sessions old-town-alexandria-engagement-session

Photo Credits: Vicki Grafton Photography

And on Old Town’s Waterfront, “When living in Old Town, I would run on the Mt. Vernon trail everyday and always would pass the Washington Sailing Marina. I am a huge fan of being by the water and I find that many of my clients are as well. So sometimes I’ll incorporate a couple of boat photos into the end of the portrait session.“- Sweet Tea Photography

old-town-alexandria-waterfront-engagements old-town-alexandria-boat-engagement-session

Photo Credits: Sweet Tea Photography

On Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, “I can wander along any path in Meadowlark Gardens and find pockets of picturesque settings for my clients.  There are a couple of great ponds, and the gardens are full of beautiful flowers and trees.  It’s the perfect setting for any nature lover.” – Laurie Bracewell Photography


Photo Credit: Laurie Bracewell Photography

On local vineyards and wineries, “We love Veritas Winery for its beautiful mountain backdrop, gorgeous green fields, and most importantly … the amazing light!“- Elisa B. Photography


Photo Credit: Elisa B Photography

On Burke Lake, “I love Burke Lake because there are so many different options for pictures- the fields, the lake, the paths. They all make for beautiful outdoor engagement pictures! It’s a place with many options, yet secluded enough that you can have privacy if the couple doesn’t feel comfortable taking pictures with people watching.” – {a}strid photography

burke-lake-engagement-session burke-lake-virginia-engagement-session

Photo Credits: {a}strid photography

On Old Town Manassas, “Old Town Manassas is charming for a lot of reasons.  It’s a small town with lots of unexplored and unexpected treasure.  I stumbled into this bookstore one cold winter day and knew I needed to find just the right couple for it!” – Stephanie Ascari Photography

old-town-manassas-engagements engagement-sessions-in-oldtown-Manassas

Photo Credits: Stephanie Ascari Photography

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