When you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your wedding, take a tip from Carlene and Chris who were married recently in Virginia at the Thomas Birkby House.  They started with what they loved and were inspired by their own passions.  As a result, their wedding day details were gorgeous and personal.  Carlene and Chris are “foodies” and Carlene is studying to become a dietitian.  They worked together with Holly Chapple to design flowers using fresh vegetables.  Holly incorporated veggies like brussel sprouts, okra, green beans and carrots; and herbs like sage and mint.   “Produce to me is beautiful.  The bouquet worked so well because it was vibrant and pleasing to the eye before you realize the details,” said Carlene.  Photographer Bob Updegrove took absolutely stunning images of Carlene and Chris’ floral details.


virginia-bridal-bouquet-with-vegetables vegetable-bridal-bouquet


From Carlene:  “Chris and I have known each other since fourth grade.  We eventually became high-school sweet hearts and then got engaged after college.  When I got engaged I knew the wedding needed to be food focused.  I am currently completing my clinical professional hours to become a registered dietitian in April next year.  I blog about food, think about food, and talk to my patients about food and nutrition!  My husband and I enjoy cooking and finding great restaurants together, so in order to avoid a mediocre wedding cake and meal, and a typical bouquet we truly scoured the northern Virginia area for the best.”


beautiful-vegetable-bridal-bouquet dramatic-bridal-bouquet-with-vegetables


gorgeous-bridal-bouquet-of-vegetables virginia-wedding-couple-with-unique-flowers

More from Carlene:  “Picking Holly for our designer was easy! I told Holly I wanted a compact, Virginia-style bouquet with a twist.  Originally, we were thinking mostly orange flowers, but Holly always has the best ideas.  The night before the wedding she called me and said ‘Carlene,I just went to the grocery store to pick up produce for your bouquet.  Do you want pretty or do you want to go all out?’  I think you know what happened next!  This is a great example why brides need to trust their florists.”



vegetable-bridesmaid-bouquet unique-bridal-bouquets-with-veggies


virginia-groom-with-carrot-boutonniere virginia-bride-and-groom-with-unique-bouquet

More from Carlene:  “On the bouquet there’s a round monogrammed silver pin.  The pin was made and gifted to me by my parents [K & S Pewter] who are about 1 of 30 pewtersmiths in the USA.  On the pin are my new initials!” [You can also find and order pins from K & S Pewter on Etsy.]



With flowers, sage and mint, I bet it smelled as gorgeous as it looked!  Congrats to Carlene and Chris!

Here is the full list of the vegetables in Carlene’s bouquet by Holly Chapple:  sage, oregano, basil, mint, mini black peppers, brussel sprouts, green beans, asparagus, okra, sugar snap peas, cabbage, and baby carrots.  She also used flowers: orange santana roses, orange dahlias, purple scabiosa flowers, orange spray roses, silver dusty miller and silver brunia.

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Photo Credits:  Bob Updegrove Photography

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