If you decide to register for your wedding, let me introduce you to Alessi, a designer home goods shop in Georgetown.  Their high-quality items range from from the practical, the decorative, the unique to the iconic.  I promise you won’t be bored in this store!  I recently had a chance to go through the shop with Vicky from Event Accomplished.  We picked our favorite wedding registry and gift items that would be ideal for any couple.  Lisa Marie from Sweet Tea Photography was on-hand to snap a few photos.  I’m telling you, these items are so gorgeous you won’t be putting them in a drawer.  You’ll want to display them between uses!

Decorative kitchen jars

Michael Graves designed pitcher

Fruit bowl and colander

The wedding registry is a mixed bag for brides, grooms and guests.  Couples are sometimes torn on selecting items for their guests to purchase as wedding presents, and some are excited to pick out items to build their home together.  Guests are also torn on the registry.  Many find it easy to select something that they know the couple will love, while others don’t like being told what presents to purchase.

DC-wedding-registry-items-cheese-grater-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography DC-wedding-registry-unique-tea-pot-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography

Giant grater (left) and tea kettle (right)



Cake plate and spatula

DC-wedding-registry-mesh-bowl-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography DC-wedding-registry-mesh-bowl-set-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography

Mesh baskets

Whatever side of the registry debate you come down on, wedding registries are popular and can be practical.  It is customary in the U.S. for wedding guests to purchase a gift for the married couple, so if you don’t register, you run the risk of receiving (unreturnable) gifts that might not be your style.  To some, this is exciting, to others it is scary.


Traditional place setting


Cheese knives and case

DC-wedding-registry-modern-gadgets-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography DC-wedding-registry-modern-salt-and-pepper-shakers-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography

Timer and corkscrew (left), and salt and pepper shakers (right)


Tea cup and spoons


Salt and pepper shakers


Fruit bowl centerpiece bowl


Pot and wooden spoon

DC-wedding-registry-unique-citrus-juicer-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography DC-wedding-registry-unique-tea-kettle-Alessi-Sweat-Tea-Photography

Citrus squeezer (left), and Michael Graves designed tea kettle (right)

What makes Alessi‘s products special is that they are each uniquely designed by different artisans and architects from all over the world.  Each piece is functional and inspired.  The items are diverse enough for the new couple looking to build a home of long-lasting items, but also sophisticated enough for the couple that has been living together for a while.  If you have been living together before getting married, perhaps you already have items in your home that you love and don’t want to replace.  Alessi gives you the chance to register for notable pieces to enhance your home.

Colorful bottle openers


Modern place setting


Fruit bowls


Mocha cup and spoons

If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift that you know the couple won’t already have, or if you are looking to to register, you can find Alessi in Cady’s Alley in Georgetown.  Each piece at Alessi is more gorgeous and uniquely designed than the next, so it is worth the visit!

If you are looking for more local registry options, check out this post.

Photo Credits:  Sweet Tea Photography


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