It seems as though brides are often trying to cover up their tattoos on their wedding day, having deemed them inappropriate or having been told so by those “traditional” relatives we all know and love.  Well, these brides (and bridesmaids) didn’t want to cover up the ink that they proudly wear daily, even choosing gowns to show them off!  I mean, it’s almost a built in accessory, right?


Photo Credit: Mike B Photography


Photo Credit: Gabe Aceves Photography

washington-dc-bride-tattoo bride-and-groom-with-tattoos

Photo Credits: Photos by Mandi (left), Amie Otto Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Marcella Treybig Photography


Photo Credit: Amie Otto Photography

bridesmaid-with-tatttoo bridesmaid-with-tattoo

Photo Credits: Procopio Photography (left), David Abel Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Procopio Photography


Photo Credit: Kurstin Roe Photography via Every Last Detail

bride-with-tattoo tattooed-bride

Photo Credits: Cliff Owen via My Simple Details (left), Studio Juno (right)


Photo Credit: DuHon Photography


Photo Credit: Gabe Aceves Photography

So what do you think, are you going to embrace your tattoo or cover it up on your big day?

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