Movies have long used previews and trailers to get people interested in their stories and excited to head to theater for the premiere.  So, why not do the same for your wedding?  Wedding trailers are a great way to let your guests delve into your love story, and really get to know you as a couple.  They may already know how long you’ve been together or how the proposal went, but how many of your guests know about that awkward first impression or the song you were listening to when you fell in love?

Local photographer and videographer, Kurstin Roe, makes wedding movie trailers for couples.  He says, “It allows guests to get to know the couple even better, and its a perfect addition to a couple’s wedding website.”  You could use a trailer for a save the date or post it on your social media sites for friends and family to enjoy, the possibilities are endless!

Check out Lauren and Daniel’s wedding trailer by Kurstin for an idea of how you can use this unique post-engagement session video to have fun with your personalities and remind your guests of your love story!


Video by Kurstin Roe Photography.  If you have any trouble viewing the trailer, you can also find it here.

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