There are two awesome things about these typewriter inspired invitations:  they are eco-friendly and they’re the result of an excellent DIY project!  Kayla and Ben didn’t like the waste that most wedding invitation suites generate, so they took to designing an all-in-one invitation themselves.  With the help of Kayla’s sister, they successfully incorporated all the information their guests needed into one cohesive piece, and they threw in a few fun personal touches too!  And, we are lucky because Kayla’s friend, DC-area photographer Michelle Lindsay, was around to snap a few photos to share!


From Kayla:  “We selected an old style typewriter, and my sister helped create the logo at the top using our names.  I did a lot of research on other invitations and we cherry picked the right wording to use for the actual invitation, adding in the pieces we loved.”

diy-typewriter-blue-white-wedding-invitation diy-typewriter-invitations



“Initially we were going to print them ourselves, but we realized what a pain it would be to make sure the back and front lined up, so we hired a company called Paper Goose, which is a small store that is close to our house.  They were so incredibly helpful with the project, and helped us pick the right paper to make everything really pop.  The paper itself is 100% cotton, again, to try and stay eco-friendly.  So, Paper Goose did the printing, and Ben and I did the scoring, stamping and sealing.”


“Ben and I went out and took a bunch of photos of his car (the Prius… so very “him”) with our house in the background.  I gave it to my sister, who is an artist, and she is the one that made it look like an old photo and added the license plate change.”



All Photo Credits:  Michelle Lindsay Photography

Thanks so much Kayla for sharing your DIY invitation experience!

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