You’ve probably thought about the programs you’ll hand out to guests as they arrive at your ceremony, and your altar arrangements or chuppah design but what about the other, limitless details you can incorporate into your ceremony? Every little touch is a way to infuse your wedding style into your guests experience, and a great way to show your gratitude for their attendance. Where can I begin? Create reserved signs for those special front-row guests, and tiny packs of tissues for the tears they’ll inevitably shed. Keep your guests cool in the heat with pre-ceremony refreshments, and customized fans, or keep them warm with palette-appropriate blankets. And we can’t forget the recessional! Provide guests with wands or flags to wave as you make your way back down the aisle as newlyweds.


Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay Photography


Photo Credit: Meg Runion Studios via Rex & Regina Events

wedding-ceremony-refreshments wedding-ceremony-blankets

Photo Credits: Three Lights Photography via Bellwether Events (left), Geneoh Photography via Ruffled (right)


Photo Credit: Nancy Neil Photography via Once Wed


Photo Credit: Kelly Prizel Photography with sign by candy + co. events


Photo Credit: Three Lights Photography via Bellwether Events


Photo Credit: Charlotte Geary Photography


Photo Credit: Egomedia Photography

wedding-ceremony-wands wedding-ceremony-ribbon-streamers

Photo Credits: Brian Tropiano Photography (left), Genevieve Leiper Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Charlotte Geary Photography


Photo Credit: Emily Chastain Photography

wedding-ceremony-folded-fans purple-wedding-ceremony-fans

Photo Credits: Michelle Lindsay Photography (left), Amie Otto Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Borrowed Blue Photography

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