Did you enjoy your holiday weekend?  We hope that you didn’t work too hard on Labor Day weekend!  To welcome you back, we have a fun, little do it yourself project to get your creativity going!  Kori Lynn shared her experience with making her own faux milk glass vases.  And, she is a wonderful local photographer, so she has the pictures to prove it!  Take it away, Kori:


When I stumbled across a particular pin on Pintrest a couple weeks ago, I just knew I had to do it.  It was too cute and too easy not to DIY milk glass!  It would be so perfect for weddings, bridal showers, weekend brunches, Tuesdays, whatever!  So much loveliness for so little!  Check it out for yourself, here’s how:



  1. Get supplies. This is all you’ll need:  1 can white spray paint, drop cloth to paint on, and various glass pieces.  I went to Good Will and scoured their glass section looking for interesting sizes shapes and especially texture.  The textured glass is really what looks unique when painted.  I spent $8 on the glass, $3 on the spray paint, and used an old drop cloth.  Total: $11.  Can’t beat that!
  2. Get ready. Get a paint cloth or anything you don’t mind painting on, and lay it down outside.  I did mine in our backyard under the trees so it didn’t get all fumey in the garage.  Then, spread out your glass with enough room to maneuver around each with the spray paint without having to move them.
  3. Paint. Be sure to be patient.  I used to be a horrible spray painter because I wasn’t patient enough and my paint would just drip all over the place because I put it on too thick.  If you do these in bursts, it works best.
  4. Dry. Let them dry long enough to be handled and bring them inside (It’s too humid these days to leave them outside, they’ll get all dewey and gross.).  Let them dry overnight, and voila!  Instant milk glass!

milk-glass-centerpiece-ideas-korie-lynn-photography easy-wedding-diy-milk-glass-vases-korie-lynn-photography

milk-glass-centerpieces-for-wedding-korie-lynn-photography simple-milk-glass-centerpiece-ideas-korie-lynn-photography

To make these look complete, I grabbed a few bunches of fresh flowers from Wegman‘s and three pears.  Just imagine doing this for a guest sign in table or escort card table or even on your tables as centerpieces!  This project is definitely budget friendly, if you’re looking for a place to save and still look amazing!


Thank you so much Kori Lynn!  You are right:  this milk glass project is cute, fun and affordable!  For more on faux milk glass, here is the original post and more instructions on Ruffled blog.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the DC area, be sure to check out the rest of Korie Lynn’s work on her website.  For more project ideas, tips and real DC area DIY weddings, check out our previous posts on DIY.

Photo Credits:  Kori Lynn Photography

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