The music at your wedding is one of those things that people will be talking about for years to come – good and bad!  Local wedding DJ, MyDeejay, just recently published an eBook with tips on how to hire a DJ for your wedding.  In a frank and honest way, this book outlines the pitfalls to avoid, and spells out the tough questions to ask.  Here is Evan from MyDeejay to discuss the new, free eBook (You can jump right to downloading the eBook here.):


Just like choosing the perfect wedding gown, a florist and your wedding venue, choosing a DJ can be a confusing and challenging decision to make, but an important one that will be remembered by you and your guests forever.  We believe an educated and informed couple is best equipped to make such a decision, which is why we felt we had to put this eBook together.

That’s why we wrote our new eBook “Don’t Hire That DJ!” (available for free download right here), which helps couples find the perfect wedding DJ for their special day.  By exposing shady sales tactics frequently employed by DJs, offering tips to find the right DJ at a price to fit your budget and sharing insider information other companies wish couples didn’t know, our hope is that couples can be armed with the information they need to make an educated decision.

We’re slightly biased, of course, but we consider choosing a DJ one of the most important wedding decisions you will make.  Think about it:  the DJ will be providing the soundtrack for every memory of your special day, his/her voice will narrate everything that’s happening and his/her judgment and choices will be one of the biggest factors in whether your guests dance the entire night or run for the door.

This is about helping couples to make the best choices based on information that should be easily available to all of them, regardless of budget or level of expertise.  Our hope is that this eBook accomplishes just that.


Thanks so much, Evan!  If you are in need of some music services for your wedding, check out MyDeejay or follow along on their blog for lots more wedding music advice.  (Be sure to read their top 40 questions to ask your wedding DJ!)

For more wedding music vendors, visit our vendor guide here.

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