Before a bride ever puts on her wedding dress, photographers have a habit of stealing it away for a little photo fun.. and the photographers around these parts are no exception!  They may photograph a wedding dress hanging from a tree, from the ceiling above or amongst the breathtaking light of an open window… and no matter where they’re hung, these garments really know how to steal the show.  So today I bring you an excellent excuse to ogle over some stunning gowns, and some even more beautiful photos!  And this is only part one… stay tuned!

wedding-dress-hanging-from-tree hanging-wedding-dress-on-porch

Photo Credit: Ampersand Photography


Photo Credit: Amie Otto Photography

hanging-wedding-dress-on-hook hanging-wedding-dress-outdoors

Photo Credit: Paired Images (left), Ampersand Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Elisa B. Photography

hanging-wedding-dress-in-window hanging-wedding-dress-in-doorway

Photo Credits: Studio Juno (left), Andrea & Renata (right)


Photo Credit: {a}strid photography

hanging-wedding-dress-in-window hanging-wedding-dress-through-window

Photo Credits: Kelly Ewell Photography (left), Andrea & Renata Photography (right)


Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography

hanging-wedding-dress-on-stairs hanging-wedding-dress-in-library

Photo Credit: Stephen Gosling Photography (left), Studio Juno (right)


Photo Credit: Megan Beth Photography

hanging-wedding-dress-from-ceiling hanging-wedding-dress-wood-wall

Photo Credits: Jen Fariello Photography (left), Laura Ashbrook Photography (right)

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